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I’ve taken over our dining room to enjoy the sunny day.  This is the result so far…


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How was your weekend?  I have a love/hate relationship with Monday.  On one hand, the weekend is over, enough said.  On the other hand, the house is quiet and MINE for a whole six hours or so.

I added a few new paintings to the floodline, if you are interested and more will be going in as the week moves forward!




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Big News!


I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting a ‘Girl Crush Art Workshop and Tea Party’ in my studio along with the lovely lady behind the amazing blog The Jealous Curator.   The idea for these workshops came out of a post she did for sfgirlbybay here and a  ‘post about how fun it would be to have an artsy “girl crush tea party”.  The day in my studio will be on Saturday, June 9th.

The why of it:

To walk away from our computers, and actually meet in person for a glorious, creative, pastry-filled day. To figure out a way to break through artist blocks. To get inspired, and recharged. To celebrate being women artists… and obviously, to have a reason to eat lots of pretty little cakes & tarts in the middle of the day!

The artists she has lined up are pretty amazing (Allyson Fox, Lisa Congdon and Samantha French)  and I feel pretty honored to be chosen as the Portland artist to host.

You can go here to sign up and see more about what we will be doing that day, I can’t wait.  I hope you can make i!

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so yeah…

I’m having quite the love affair/obsession/fascination with creating these pieces.  Here are a few more…



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New Year

Happy New Year!  I took the last week or so to just completely unwind with no expectations on myself.  It felt good.  Now, I’m ready to look forward again and be inspired and make new work.  Here are a few pieces I just completed in my floodline series.





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setting the scene

Happy December!  Though I’m not quite ready to decorate for the holiday’s (I like to wait about a week into December), I do rather enjoy the planning.  Pinterest has been a wealth of holiday inspiration this year, what did I do before it existed!  When we do decorate for the holiday’s, this is what I’m going for: simple, beautiful, a bit of a scandinavian influence, and of course, the new She and Him Christmas album in the background.

holidayinspiration2011.jpg1.  perfect table via here  2. clean and simple  via here  3.  my favorite wrapping paper of the season (and maybe of all time) via here  4.  paper yarn found here   5.  brilliant little wreaths (perfect gift tags/table seating) via here  6.  favorite new holiday music here

more on my pinterest holiday board here

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Business cards

I had some extra business cards sitting around that I did this with last year that I wanted to try another little project with.  Since I ordered them blank on one side I was able to do whatever I wanted, so I painted them!  I love how they turned out.



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favorite part

My favorite moment when starting a new painting is after I’ve put some undercoats on the canvas and have roughly sketched out what I want to paint.  I love to look at a painting like this and sometimes find it hard to move on to the next step.  At that moment, there are so many possibilities before the work begins.  Here is a large painting at that perfect point.  (kinda hard to see the sketches though, sorry)  Tomorrow I’ll starting messing it up so I can work it back to a point I like again!


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I have been wanting to offer these for quite some time now and just finally got around to it!  I am now doing little framed portraits, in the same vein as my ‘little paintings.’  The paintings themselves measure 4″x4″ or 3.5″x5″ and come framed in a frame hand painted to complement the piece.  Go here to order!


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The Floodline Project

I am excited to announce the abstract pieces I am calling the floodline project are now available to purchase!  I opened a big cartel shop to sell the work that comes out of this process because I feel like they’re a bit separate from the work I have in my etsy shop .  They are all done on a gorgeous cold press watercolor paper with acrylic paint and fabric dye.  I had so much fun working on them.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of my results!





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