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little adornment

How sweet are these little bracelets done by Emma Cassi.  Oh and the packaging just feels like spring.  She is so talented, her blog is one of my very favorite stops.



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wild thing

The poster alone is amazing.  If you haven’t seen the trailer (you must) go here.  I don’t think I’ve been this excited to take the kids to a movie in a while (doesn’t hurt that I love the song by arcade fire)


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I love seeing where my prints and paintings go to live after they are sent off.  So I was so glad when Jennifer Johner sent me this picture of how she hung her little bunny print.  I love all the pieces she has gathered together.  You can see more of her lovely home at her blog.


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I brake for spring

The kids are out of school for the week, spring break, so I will be juggling keeping everyone happily entertained while finishing a few things up. Today, it was a fun afternoon of bowling here.  

Oh and I saw these library cards and just had to get them, I’ll put them to good use, no doubt.


available here

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Happy Spring!

It is my favorite season.  What’s not to like, flowers, warmer days, green grass, flowers…So I was so excited when Holly and Ez invited me to create a desktop wallpaper for Kindred.  Go and download a beautiful piece of art to greet you at your computer (free!).  Here is the piece I created and it will also be available as a print in my shop.



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how do you say

yum in Swedish?  I had breakfast with my parents this morning at this yummy little cafe, so good.  Hoping to finish up a few new pieces today in time for spring to arrive Saturday, yay!




inspired by

the day (are you wearing green?) and the view out the window (green, green, green).  Oh and speaking of, have you checked out the new poppytalk handmade market, green pop?


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fun project

So I saw this book making project over at ms the other day and ran out to get a few supplies to try my hand at it.  I’m still working out a few kinks, but it’s really fun and relatively simple.  I have some fun ideas for some future books.  We are taking a big family trip this summer, so I think some trip books will be in order for the kids (and me) to fill with drawings and snapshots.


Happy Weekend!

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plotting and planning

I’m already keeping an eye out for fun easter basket goodies.  I spotted these at the office store yesterday.  They will go crazy for these and only a couple bucks!


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lovely gets

I was just saw that Sharilyn from Lovely designs will be offering her beautiful address files again soon.  I got one a couple years ago and love it.  She makes beautiful things.  I can’t wait to see what other lovely items she comes up with.


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now in the shop

I just added my counting cards to my etsy store!  I took a few more photos today as the light is much better (aka not grey and rainy). 


I can’t stop listening to this song.  It gets me going in the morning (something that has been hard to do this week with the time change).

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as easy as


My new 123 cards are here!  I had so much fun with these guys.  It had been a bit since I had drawn animals, so this little crew makes me smile.  It is a set of 12 5″x8″ cards (o to 10 and a card with all the numbers).  They are beautiful with a soft finish and come packaged in a chocolate brown box with bakers twine and mini clothes hangers.  I think they would be absolutely adorable in a little ones room.  I will be adding these to the shop and my website in the next few days.


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morning art

I’ve been wondering for a while how baristas make fancy foam art on my lattes.  So I you tubed it last night and it is one of the inconsequential and fully unnecessary ways I put off my Monday morning work.  This was my first attempt.  If you squint it sorta looks heartish.


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We have a gloriously sunny and warm day here today, the kids are even having a picnic out in the front yard.  I snapped this picture of one of my daughters horses out at our ‘horse ring.’  This is a very Portland thing (i think, do they do this where you live?)  As we live in an old neighborhood our sidewalks still have the rings where horses were tied to.  So this has inspired the recent phenomenon of tying toy horses up.  My daughter is adamant that ours comes in at days end, as we have seen several unfortunate beheaded ponies about.


Have a wonderful weekend!



I just noticed my google forecast says snow this weekend, that can’t be right!  Oh, Oregon, what a cruel, cruel web you weave.  I fall for it every year, see it coming and still do (and I grew up here!)  The sun, the flowers, the warmish days, lull you into false expectations of spring…grrr!