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Here are a few little bits from around here.  See you in the new year!


top: a table cloth I ‘made’ (ie I painted a drop cloth), new art supplies, goofing around the tree

bottom: macaroons, one of my favorite gifts, homemade crackers


have a lovely holiday

I am signing off for a little bit to enjoy this week with with family and come down off the crazy that are my days leading up to Christmas.   I hope you and yours have a safe and warm season!


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Just a little heads up that I added some little original paintings to my etsy shop, along with two new limited edition prints!



Have a cozy weekend!


It still doesn’t feel like winter to me yet, maybe I’m in denial?  Perhaps we need to get our holiday tree, maybe that would help.  Anyhow, have a wonderful weekend!  (I want these socks)

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tis the season of crazy

It is upon us, the season of crazy.  It’s my busiest work season and the kids schedules seem to get busier with age.  So maybe that’s why every year, our house gets a little, well, less.  If it were up to me, our tree would wear nothing but white lights (every year I try to convince them, isn’t it pretty with just the lights?!!).  They’re not having it.  So, I try in other ways.  Here are a few of my favorites this year…


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