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Loving obsessively

the idea of this trip.  You see, I have a fondness from watching the world pass by through a window.  It may have something to do with the long road trips my family used to take every summer across the country when I was a kid (vw camper van and all).  I think I’ve seen every state from the midwest westward, through the window of said van.  I’d love to give our kids this experience and this seems the perfect way.  I’ve had atleast one kiddo home sick everyday this week, so that may have a bit to do with my current state of wanderlust, as well.


image via Hula Seventy

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My Weekend Inspiration

Over the weekend I watched this amazing documentary about one of my favorite artists, Gerhard Richter.  I loved it, I could watch him paint for hours and hours.  So interesting to watch someone else work, so many of the things he said really resonated with me.  I particularly related to his feeling on being watched while painting.  He said it was worse than being in the hospital!


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Happy Friday!

By all accounts it looks to be a great fall weekend around here.  Maybe some caramel cider, pumpkin picking, a soccer game and some painting (I fully intend to take the quote below to heart).

Also, a HUGE thank you to Babble for naming me one of the top 50 Etsy parents of 2012!


via Lauren Joffe


Working on. Listening to.

I thought I’d start sharing on a regular basis what I am working on and what I am listening to while doing so.  I recently realized it’s when I’m listening to new music that I tend to be the most charged to make new work.  Makes sense I suppose.

So this week, I’ve been working on this very large painting (which incidentally started out as a floodline piece)


while listening to Daughter

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Boys Will Be Boys


I have a show opening today in Beacon, NY at Blackbird Attic.  If you are in the area, stop by! Prints of these new paintings will be making their way to my etsy shop soon.

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this wallpaper by Abigail Edwards.  I know it’s wallpaper but I use it as wrapping paper (especially adorable for a little one, I think).




some new work off to a show



I just sent this group of little paintings and several framed prints off for an upcoming show.  This weekend was crazy busy, with several fun projects that had deadlines coming up, but I’m almost done!  Hope your week is off to a good start.

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so about that…

So giving myself a deadline provided the nice kick I needed, but a couple projects have quickly come up.  So…I have to delay a week (sorry).  In the meantime, a few things around here…


a full moon rising the night we went to see the swifts…


the hard to capture swifts (though I’ve decided the people watching has come to outweigh the swift watching;)


my daughter has been collecting chestnuts on her walk home and drawing faces on them, so cute right?  The collection has grown significantly since I took this photo.