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Hi all!  I have a sick kiddo at home today so I’ll be keeping it brief.  But, I wanted to share an event I will be taking part of in a few weeks here in Portland, RAW.  It’s February 17th at the Cassanova Ballroom.  It will feature a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist.  I’d love it if you could make it!  Tickets are $10 and you can purchase them on the website under my profile here.  It looks like it will be a fun night, I hope to see you there!


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a find

I just wanted to share this beautiful shop I just discovered, Elk.  Not only are their things beautiful, but the packaging is lovely.  That always earns huge bonus points, and even though they are in Australia, their shipping is super fast!



(thanks Annie for introducing me to this beautiful store!)

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pink horses for a pink world


I spent a little time last night working on some details for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.  I’ll give you one guess what we will be doing.  I am now sort of obsessed with this image and can’t wait for a little time to explore it in a painting. I will no doubt share some bday photos after the big day!

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Just popping in to let you know I added ‘Night Swim’ and ‘Blue Swimmer’ in the 13″x19″ size to my etsy shop!




Happy Monday!

We have a nice foggy morning going on here and I love it.  The more fog the better, I say.  I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



Odd little man

I’m smitten with this lithograph of an odd little man I recently got on ebay.




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I just wanted to let you know I had been having a problem getting comments to come through and thanks to my husband that is now fixed.  So please, if you’d like, leave a comment.  I love hearing from you!


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This clip from Stephen Colbert had me dying.  I hadn’t realized so many of my favorites were nominated for alternative band of the year.  I’m torn between Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire.  I loved the ‘sellout off’ (do musicians even have control over how their music is used anymore?).  When I was in nyc I noticed that the Tommy Hilfiger commercial was on heavy cab rotation and now whenever I hear Holiday, I feel like I should be in a cab.

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I recently came across this drawing my son had done of a horse.  I love it!  I had planned on framing it up but then I got an idea.  I wanted to see it large and BOLD, so I took a huge canvas I had and replicated his drawing in paint.  I tried to stay true to his design and just add a little punch to the lines.  I love how it came out, what do you think?



BTW, he was beyond thrilled

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So, not the most original way to start the new year, but a definite neccesity around these parts.  This weekend I am reorganizing my office and adjacent family room.  How we use these spaces has changed and I can’t wait to have everything all done.  My desk and the family computer will move into the family room which will open up some much needed space in my studio.  I don’t really use the desk for more than a place to set my laptop, so in its place will go a much smaller table.  Also, I’d like to add a couple of task lights to my work table.  I love theses, but will probably opt for some cheaper Ikea versions.  A little paint, organizing and art hanging and I’ll be ready to start the new year off on the right foot!

Here are some of my inspiration images:


triplex lamp


via the style files


via this is naive


via house and home

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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I recently got an email from Hannah Stephenson letting me know about a poem she wrote in response to one of my paintings.  Love that.  Love how ideas can morph and change and grow from one thing to the next.  A photo that inspires and idea, the inspires a photo, that inspires a painting, that inspires a poem and on and on.  Hannah has a blog, The Storialist, go check it out!



There, there, the stethoscope says
to the one being scoped, measured.

The breath-warmed diaphragm rests
near your shoulder blade like a palm

or pushes into the skin over your heart,
pledging loyalty, longing. I solemnly

vow that this is my body, these sounds.
Struck piano wire and typewriter key,

spinning dial to a combination lock
and roulette wheel. Clicking turn signal.

Deep breath, the doctor instructs us.
Then, breathe normally, as you would

usually. To see inside the sarcophagus
of the body, we observe survival: oxygen,

heartbeat. We can take turns examining,
listening. Climb up on the table next to me.

Trust me, I’m a professional. Let me plug
my ears with the clamor inside of you

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you were only waiting

Today I got a last minute birthday wish idea for my husband.  I decided to make a wall sized bday card/wall instalation for him with a line from the Beatle’s (his favorite band) song ‘Black Bird”.  I’ve made these before for other things and love them.  It’s pretty easy to do and makes a big statement.  Here’s how I did it!


I use yellow plastic encased rope that has a wire running through it, that I bought at my local hardware store.  I believe it was marketed as laudry wire?  Anyhow, I just shaped it and used a my leatherman to pinch anagles and twine to hold spots in place.  Then, just spray paint and hang!  I need to do a little adjusting to make it hang more evenly, but I’m pretty happy with it, hope he likes it!

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butter on toast

Happy 2011!  How were your holiday’s?  I have to admit, I am happy to be back to my normal routine and a clean house.

This year I’m not making a huge list of things to do/not do.  I think I will just try and take it all as it comes and enjoy the little things, like butter on toast and sparkly toe nails.