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to do list

for today:

 -clean studio (I take it as a sign when I can no longer walk in without tripping, that it’s time)

-work on a new little project that will hopefully be available very soon here

-play around with these beatiful photo actions (thanks sarah jane for the tip!)

-add new print to shop! (here it is)


‘still listening’

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a bit of this, a bit of that…

I saw this a bit back and it has been in the back of my mind since.  Isn’t is amazing?  A portrait done from paper scraps.  It’s only a matter of time before I sit down to try this.  I’m thinking paint chips and scraps of all the class work the kids bring home…


It was done by Ian Wright for rap artist T.I.’s album cover.  (via the scoop)

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lovely tuesday

Oh, how happy I am you’re not Monday!  With the Monday blahs effectively shaken off, I am ready to go work on a new project I am so excited about.  Hopefully more to come soon!  I also finished the class project for my daughter’s class.  Each child phototransferred a portion of a large image of one of the Portland bridges.  They are now all pieced together and framed.  It turned out so nicely and it feels so good to have it checked off the to do list.  Here are some pictures of the finished pieces. 



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stamp of approval

I am a sucker for a good stamp set.  These look about as good as it gets.


Have a wonderful weekend, I am hoping to step outside and soak up some vitamin D this afternoon!  And a shout out to my niece who is turning the big 2!  Happy B-day K!

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fort or art?

As I start craving spring, I start dreading getting the yard back in shape.  I’ve been trying to avoid looking to closely back there.  The kids have already started their fort/tree house campaigning again this year (despite the fact we have not a tree to build one in).  I just feel like, if we build it, they will inevitably grow out of it by the next season.  But I have to admit, when I saw this in the new issue of small, it made me want one, too. 


available at Judith Needham


more valentine’s day treasures

So I had to wait to share this with you as I didn’t want John to know what I got him.  I ordered an amazing one of a kind Valentine from Aubrey Trinnaman, a photographer who creates a special card just for you, incorporating your special someones name.  Part of the fun is that you don’t know what you will get and she did not disappoint!  It arrived as two prints with a long folded strip of images tucked inside.  I can’t wait to frame it!


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a valentine’s tea

I wanted to share a few pictures from my girl’s birthday tea.  We had some oh so good cookies from here (totally going to go back and get more to enjoy myself), and delicous cupcakes from here, and then went to see Alice in Wonderland!



open house on bloesem

Irene of Bloesem posted a house tour of our home today over at Bloesem kids.  For some peeks around and a little interview, you can go here…thank you Irene!


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happy v-day!

some 60 valentines made and signed- check

valentine for husband- check



enjoy your weekend!

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new work

will be making its way to the shop this weekend!  I have quite a few pieces that I have been working on and am excited to share them.  This piece is ‘almost done’ and this picture shows my new favorite way to look at it.  Remember ‘the tape?’  Well, I got some for myself too, and it was so worth it.


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it’s love

In honor of the upcoming holiday celebrating all that is pink and lovely, I thought I would offer a Valentine’s Day discount on all my prints over in my etsy shop.  From now through Saturday if you buy one print each additional print is half off.  Just leave the two little words (it’s love) in comments to seller at checkout.  I will issue your discount through paypal after I receive your order!


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party prep

I need to start getting ready for my daughter’s party this weekend.  We are keeping it pretty simple this year, a couple friends, a valentines tea, and a performance of Alice In Wonderland at a local theater.  I’m thinking a lot of pink, red and sweet.  Lots of good ideas and eye candy are to be had over at party perfect.  She recently posted about an amazing 1st bday party, with a little portrait I had done of the birthday boy in the mix.

Thinking these little sweet treats will do the trick….


(via wiiliams-sonoma)

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where did the weekend go?

Saturday was another beautiful, felt like spring, day here.  Today I am running down to the school to work on a project with the kids.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out and to share it with you!



all is quiet

When I get back each morning from dropping the kids at school, I am always struck by how quiet the house is when I walk in.  Maybe we should take inspiration from the Obamas and make the kids make their beds every morning, but it’s kinda sweet to see them in their just slept in glory, buddies still tucked in.



I am hoping we make it to see this movie over the weekend.  visually, it looks amazing and it was made right here in Portland.  Support the local economy, right?



picture break

In college I had a photography professor who said that he liked to paint in the midst of working on his photography because it rewarded him with instant results.  Ironically, I now find myself doing the exact opposite.  I have my hand in several exciting projects right now, painting, and I have been turning to photography for an instant gradification break now and then.


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