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views from our mantel

I have been playing around with the objects on our mantel, finding toys and every day objects and creating little tableaus.  Here are a few:


 ‘what, this nut?’



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spring cleaning and collections

We are attempting a ‘spring cleaning day’ around these parts.  Here are a few peeks around a couple collections I came across in their rooms (the dinosaurs were actually in Holly’s room, she had arranged them by size)



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It is spring, right?

We woke up to snow this morning.  Very strange, indeed.  It would have been lovely in January, February even, but the end of March.  As we left the house this morning, Ian looked down and asked, “is this real snow?”  Yep…..

I put some new prints in the shop this week and will be adding more next week.  I’ve been in this really amazing work mode lately, I keep waiting for it to fall out from underneath me.  My dad gave me this giant canvas, something like 6′ by 3′ that he doesn’t need.  It is beautful and I can’t wait to dig in.

 Here are some upcoming and current prints:





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drawing from the past

I started a new series of paintings that draw from old family photos.  I’ve been thinking more and more about the passage of time.  I think I wasn’t fully aware at how fast time passes until I had kids. Then you SEE it.  Documenting those firsts, marking their growth on the wall… Anyway here is one of the paintings I recently finished along with another vintage children’s book page print.  I will be adding these and several more to the shop this week.



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spring colors

Yesterday the kids enjoyed the official eating of the chocolate bunny.   And I don’t know if it’s because of the change in season, but I noticed all my latest paintings looked very springish all lined up.



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Well, I did it!  I painted the living and dining violet, purple, whatever you want to call it, and I LOVE it!  It feels so fresh, and happy in here. 


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We went to see this last night



By far my favorite cirque show I’ve seen.   My favorite part, though, was looking over at the kids’ open mouthed wonder.  Really fun, and full of inspiration.

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to paint, or not to paint

That is the question.  I am contemplating painting our living room/dining room a new shade.  I can’t decide.  I think what we have works, but I tend to like change (see previous post).  Holly on the other hand hates change.  Even with the lure of the new paint having a fair hint of her favoite color, she holds fast.  If someone had told me I would be thinking of painting our living room purple, I would have laughed in their face.  Now, I think it would look fresh, bold and great with our rug which has some orange.  Hubby says, why not?  Very surprising…I will go off to waffle some more…

here is  a small sample I am touring around the house…



drawing on the walls

Yesterday I painted a wall of our entry hall with chalkboard paint.  I thought it would be fun and practical.  Now when I need to remember something, leave a phone number for a babysitter (aka grandma and grandpa) we just write in the hall!  The kids love it, I love it and J loves it.  I think we have a winner.



a reminder for every other day in the week

I found this in Holly’s backpack yesterday.  I plan on framing it, it just kills me.  Mostly because most days they spend a substantial amount of time arguing (the rest of the time they do actually get along very well).  They have a special relationship, this will serve as a nice reminder on those…other days.

They just came running down the stairs arguing, I’m not kidding.



fresh finds

Thanks again! to Holly at Decor8 for including one of my new prints in her ‘fresh etsy finds.’  Thank you!


old treasures

My mom found these the other day doing some spring cleaning and asked if I’d want them.  I wish these are what I discovered when cleaning the house.  My ‘discoveries’ usally are along lines of a three day old cup of milk one of the kids left in their room . 

They are old birthday candle holders.  What a find.  So adorable, no?  I can’t wait for another birthday to use them.





I did a nice big shop update this morning, so now I am off to enjoy a yummy little snack with my boy!



shop update

Here is another one of the prints that will be available in my shop tomorrow.  I am so ridiculously excited about these guys.  I will also be adding some original paintings to my shop.


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birthday treasures

I have been busy working away this weekend on some really fun little projects.  First, I finished up these sweet little boxes for my twin nieces’ third birthday coming up.  I had so much fun filling these up with little treasures.  I made them each a set of postcards and a sweet little ladybud mailbag to deliver them with.  I also included cute little pouches from here and filled them with crayons.  There are cute little mushroom stamps and a blank board book for them to fill up with their own creations!




Also, I have been working away on a new series of pieces using pages from a vintage children’s book.  I am just in love with these!  They will be part of a big shop update this week.  Here’s a little peek:


*I just reread my post…I’m not sure I said ‘cute’ and ‘little’ enough

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