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Real Simple

I am so thrilled to be included in the March issue of Real Simple magazine!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!  It seemed an appropriate day to show you a few things I’ve been loving lately.


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My kids always have something to say about my art and they don’t hold back.  These are a couple of my recent favs:

“Now you’re not even painting the heads?!”  about a painting I had just started and hadn’t painted the head in yet

“I like it.  If I take my glasses off it sort of looks like they’re killing each other.”


The Goodwin Project

This film fascinates me.  “A young family leaves their home on Kauai.   They nomadically trace continents to places where waves meet their edges, envoys of aloha. It is what they will learn, what they bring others, what they will pass on to their children in the hyper-expanded classroom, the lab of direct being; a legacy passed from a father to his family.”  I would love to see it when it is available.  You can follow their adventure on their website The Goodwin Project.

The Goodwin Project from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

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I’ve taken over our dining room to enjoy the sunny day.  This is the result so far…


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as in blue skies that have graced our recent days here.  I am still here and thankfully the sun has given me a much needed vitamin d infusion.   So back to painting and dreaming of a spring that feels within reach.  Have a beautiful weekend!