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Anthropologie’s latest catalog.  Besides being predictably gorgeously shot and full of tempting goods it has an equestrian theme.  Now, if they actually had a line of riding clothes, I’d really truly be in trouble.





Sebastian Foster

I recently started working with the online gallery Sebastian Foster.  There are some pretty fantastic artists over there with prints and originals available.  Right now there are several of my original paintings and soon some limited edition prints will be available, as well.


love this piece by Brett Amory

happy weekend!


wrapping up summer


We only have a few weeks of summer left before the kiddos head back to school.  Truthfully my first thought is phew!, the bickering has reached mass conditions (though they’ve yet to tape eachother to the wall) and I am looking forward long quiet days around the house where my only focus is painting.  BUT then I feel it, the guilt, the regret the days have slipped by too fast.  So, we are keeping it low key and lazy around here this week and next, enjoying warm days with no plans.  This also means, my posts will be a little slower than usual.

(image via lotta agaton via iiinspired)


cooling down

Our heat wave finally broke and today it’s sorta chilly.  Yesterday, though it was still in full effect so the boy and I headed here to cool off for a bit.  Both kids are in camps this week, which I always think will give me some down time to finish up projects, but really I just end up running around dropping off/picking up.  Yesterday I successfully went to every quadrant in Portland, and beyond.



printing large


I recently received a request for a large print of one of my paintings and I love how it turned out.  I may just have to do a small run of several of my pieces this size!


happy weekend!


It is hot, hot, hot here, so I think we will be taking it easy.  This is one of those times when I am thrilled my studio is in the basement.





Ok, so a bit late to the boat here, but I just started using pinterest, and wow, love it.  I am currently going through all my old bookmarks and ‘pinning’ them to my board.  It is such a great way to visually organize all the amazing things floating around on the web.  Now if I could just organize my house this easily!


a few more




(we did some letter boxing along the old Oregon trail)



We had perfect weather and a wonderful time, but I slept in a bed last night.  Oh, I love sleeping in a bed (and having a hot shower and a coffee maker and floor…)

(forgot to mention this is where we went if you’re in the area)


happy weekend


So yesterday I lied, I didn’t get around to posting my painting progress.  But, hopefully next week.  We are off for a few days in the woods (with fingers crossed it doesn’t rain, cause seriously, not much I hate more than camping in the rain).


just a note


I saw this weed growing out back this morning, my first thought:  eek, I really have been a negligant weeder, and second: it’s kind of pretty.  So I took a picture, that’s all.  I’m sure there is an incredibly insightful and meaningful analogy I could make, but it’s just too early for that.  Hopefully I’ll be back a bit later with another update on my ‘evolution of a painting’ series.  Have a wonderful day!

p.s. I’ve been having fun with these awesome photo actions


dream home

I really, really want to live here.  It’s an old church turned house.  The big open space, beautiful windows, all the possibilities.  I came across this home in a nearby town, but we aren’t looking to move so I’ll just decorate in my mind.


decor, everyday

sweet treats




We started our week off right by heading down to the waffle window yesterday.  These pics show partially eaten waffles, they were even bigger to start with, we were blissfully full!


studio envy (again)


I love the studio space of artist Mettte Helena Rasmussen.  Sometimes I day dream of moving my studio up to our attic, which is huge and has gorgeous untouched wood floors.  I would paint everything in site white and add skylights.  There’s just the little problem of access (no stairs).  Ah well…

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