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Happy Monday!

I hope your Monday morning is treating you well!  I wanted to share a quick little project I did this weekend.  It started with of all things dragon wings for my daughter’s 5th grade play.  I bought some gold spray paint to use as a base and had some left over.  So, I took a cheap ikea plate (I think it was $2.99) and painted it.  Warning, gold spray paint is incredibly addictive.  I am now searching for something else to spray.  I also painted a dish a matte black and left one white.  I am going to use them as a jewelry catch for pieces I wear often.




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a few things for the weekend

So, I am happy to announce that I am officially out of my creative funk and back with a vengence!  I am working away on quite a few different things and excited about all of them.  I will have more to share soon, for now here are some of the things that are inspiring me right now:

 Pinterest, oh how I love thee.  A great place to go when you need a little happy boost.  Never fails.


Hex nut DIY bracelet

A little side project I have going!  More on this next week.


I’m sure you’ve seen the rainbow cakes that have been making the blog rounds.  Well, I found these for my daughter’s bday cake tonight, rainbow candles!


Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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birthday girl

My favorite girl has a birthday today.  I can honestly say she has the purest heart of anyone I have ever met, be kind to her world.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from when she was tiny (she will pass me in height someday soon and she can already borrow my clothes, crazy).





‘snow day’

As in it snowed, the kids got the day off of school, the snow melted within hours, and here we are.



change of scenery…

is a good thing.  We had a wonderful few days up on the mountain and now it looks like the snow might be following us back down into the valley.



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President’s Day

Here in America it is President’s Day so I thought a photo of George Washington was appropriate (so named by our daughter).



a bit o’ this

I have have been a bit of hit and miss lately, but next week I will be back to my daily routine.  But first, a belated bday gift to my husband as we head up to the mountain!  Have a great weekend!


photo via Caroline Hancox


a few things

I just got some new postcards back from the printer.  Here is a shot of them on the kids’ little desk which apparently was the site of some post-valentines day snacking.


Also, Portlanders, tomorrow night I will be at this event, if you are interested in coming (pretty please!) just let me know and I would be happy to put you on the guest list!


happy happy weekend

Thank you for all the great support and advice for my current state of meh.

I am hoping to finish a bunch of projects and start some new work this weekend (after a lazy night in with a movie)!

Here are few pics of what we happened upon last night, an adult dodge ball league.  (not to be confused with the adult hide and seek league of Portland as seen on Portlandia)






Maybe because it’s the end of winter, I don’t know, but lately I’ve been feeling meh.  Of course having a sick kid last week and then subsequently catching said sick kids’ virus didn’t help, but it’s getting frustrating.  Any great inspiration pick me ups out there?  Since I don’t have a machine that I just turn on to put out paintings, I can either force my self to push through it and hope good work comes out the other side, or let myself feel through it (and hope customers are patient) until that energy and inspiration comes back.  I usually do a bit of both as I tend to go through these cycles a couple times a year.  I also know that the pendulum will swing back and new work will come, my passion will again get ignited and a ton of great stuff will come out of it.  Until then, thoughts? Do you experience similar cycles in your life?

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so true


This week has been one of those weeks.  Between a sick kid and what feels like endless school tours I have not gotten nearly as much done as I would have liked.  My daughter heads to middle school next year and I think we’ve toured more schools than I did when I was looking at college’s!   So hopefully this weekend can make up for it and I can get super productive.  Wish me luck!

Oh and happy weekend!

(image via frenchbydesign)


my view this morning


While it seems the rest of the country is still in the thick of winter we have been enjoying some  beautiful blue skies.  For me the smell of a hyacinth is the smell of spring, I can’t wait!