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Happy weekend!

We have a crazy weekend this week, followed by Halloween.  So all in all should be a crazy three days.  Add to that my car died and they can’t even look at it until next week.  sigh.   So to combat the crazy, here are some pretty and inspiring things I saw this week…


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favorite part

My favorite moment when starting a new painting is after I’ve put some undercoats on the canvas and have roughly sketched out what I want to paint.  I love to look at a painting like this and sometimes find it hard to move on to the next step.  At that moment, there are so many possibilities before the work begins.  Here is a large painting at that perfect point.  (kinda hard to see the sketches though, sorry)  Tomorrow I’ll starting messing it up so I can work it back to a point I like again!


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I have been wanting to offer these for quite some time now and just finally got around to it!  I am now doing little framed portraits, in the same vein as my ‘little paintings.’  The paintings themselves measure 4″x4″ or 3.5″x5″ and come framed in a frame hand painted to complement the piece.  Go here to order!


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little originals

I just put a bunch of original little paintings in my etsy shop!  I am going to be adding new ones over the coming weeks as they are so fun to do and I think make the perfect little gift of art for the upcoming holidays.


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happy weekend!

Here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend!  I am chaperoning a ‘girls night’ at my daughter’s school (seems like everyone I talk to had a universally horrible middle school experience, me included).  I also am itching to paint and work on a horse costume.  As in a costume for a horse.  Good times!

Here were my favorite pins this week:


This made me laugh because I pretty much always have paint on my hands, and the day I saw this I had stepped in some as well :)

via ink and wit


in lust with these chairs (via bodie and fou)


my toes need these slippers this winter (via toast)

everyday, i want

so fun

I was thrilled to see my print in the beautiful nursery of  Matt and Megan last week via a cup of jo! It so fun to see where my art ends up after it is sent off, especially when it ends up in a lovely space amongst such good company.


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We made the trek to find the perfect pumpkins this weekend to one of my favorite places in the Portland area, Sauvie Island.  I could live there and be happy.  Pumpkins were found, caramel apples were had and half of Portland was there to enjoy the blue skies.



This morning while do errands I saw what I’m guessing was an albino crow.   I seem to be crossing paths with all sorts of albino creatures lately.  This summer there was an albino fawn down at the stables where we ride.   Anyhow,  Albino Crow would make a great band name, no?



right now

Here’s a little peek into my studio right now.  I am currently:




listening to music on  this docking station I just stole from our bedroom (notice the self portrait my son recently did in which he looks to be angry, but is actually the happiest person I’ve ever met)



the little things

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that get me giddy.  For instance, these brass pencil sharpeners I recently got from Brook Farm General Store.  With two kids, both with nightly homework, pencil sharpeners are a hot commodity around here and mine seem to always be wandering off and disappearing.  So, these lovely brass ones are going straight to my studio.



the art of the upsale

Our family is now the proud new owners of a baby guinea pig.  This is what happens when your child’s fish dies and is still upset a couple weeks later (because we can’t ‘replace’ fishy).

Meet Napoleon…


I’m kinda sweet on the little guy and our dog is OBSESSED with him (in a good?, I want to sleep with him every night and be his bestest friend sort of way).

Have a wonderful fall weekend!



Did you know today is the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  Well in honor of that, here is a pic I took of my very own little Holly Golightly when she was probably 4 years old.