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Olio United

This weekend the gorgeous store Olio United is having a one year birthday party.  I have some paintings hanging and am also selling prints.  Stop by and see all their amazing stuff.  This paper airplane mobile used to hang in their window, how fun would that be in a boys room?


 Also, tonight they are having a silent auction of TOMS shoes to benefit Transitions Cambodia. 

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nie day

As I am sure you have heard, today is nie day in the blog world.  As a regular reader of nie nie’s blog I, like everyone, was stunned a few weeks ago to read of the tragic crash they were in.   I intend to go and cruise all the amazing auctions happening here and hopefully pick something up for the cause.  Go check it out!



five years ago

this month our little guy underwent a pretty major surgery.  While he has no memory of it, we will never forget it and the wonderful doctors and nurses that took such great care of him.   The reason I mention it is that I was recently contacted to donate a painting to an auction that benefits the children’s hospital he was treated at.   Obviously I was more than happy to help out, in fact, I was thrilled to.  To learn more about Doernbecher and the auction you can go here.


A nurse took this polaroid of our guy to show our daughter before she came in to prepare her for how he looked.  It was really touching that they took the time to include and show such care towards her, as well.  They really are great people up there.

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A huge, huge thank you to Jenny over at LMNOP for featuring my work in the current issue.  It is a wonderful issue full of so many great finds and I am very flattered to be a part of it!  I had a lot of fun working on the editors portrait below


my portraits and wallpaper panel art were also featured!



 go here to see the full issue


those boys are fast

Yesterday we did a little welcome picture on our chalkboard in preparation for our kindergarten teacher visit.  Body prints were made and decorated.



dog body prints, not so easy to capture…


though the same can also be said for little boys…

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thank you

to project nursery  for featuring my wallpaper panel art today!  If you go take a peek, you will notice a discout code I am offering for 10% off any purchase.



ah, sweet relief

after several days of heat wave, we awoke this morning to a wonderful thunderstorm.  Oh how I’ve missed the rain.



new prints…

I just added a few new prints to the shop.  I am hoping to add several more sometime next week, also.


happy weekend!


roughing it

I’ll say it, I am a fair weather camper.  Luckily we got some gorgeous weather last weekend up at Timothy Lake on Mt Hood.  Here however, we are looking to break 100 over the next few days, blah.





today I’m loving…

these adorable little wooden families from fellow etsy seller Goose Grease.  I am seeing a little family project in our near future.  You can also order them customized to match your family (you know how I love portraits!).



…and these little beauties!  Found here


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music posters

So back in the day my bedroom was covered in music posters.  Yes, even the the door sized posters.  I met my husband at a concert, so a few years ago I gave him some beautiful hand screend posters of some of our favorite bands.  I am tempted to add to our collection with these…




available at the small stakes (via oh joy.)

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gone camping…

see you next week!


                                                 (book via here)


sweet projects

My son is at science camp this week and he came home with this little project the other day.  If you need an easy little craft this fits the bill.  All you need are toothpicks and some gummy candies.  Then let them at it…My hubby saw it and said ‘so it’s tinkertoys with candy?’  Well…yes, you got a problem with that?:)



staying cool

We’re trying to stay cool today.  I loved how my girl accessorized her summer dress with a butterfly belt.



more colors!

I was having so much fun with this new piece I thought I would offer it as a print in several colors.  It is now available in brown, blue and orange here!



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Bremen Town

Bremen Town Musicians by the brothers Grimm was the inspiration for this new piece.  These will be available on my website for purchase in several colorways this weekend, but for now you can find it here.



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I think we’re going to head town to the river tomorrow and witness this




building a new world…

The kids built dioramas yesterday.  It was a fun and easy project.  We used a couple of shoe boxes, they drew the background, added some trees from the local craft store and our yard and put in some toys from around the house. 



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