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in progress

Today I’m working on some custom orders and playing around a bit with some new ideas…


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from the past

This awesome piece of nostalgia was recently unearthed during a junk drawer cleaning.  It is, however, far from junk.  J, I’m not just saying that, look I went and framed it and everything!  Yes, it is indeed a mix tape.  From the time before one could easily burn a cd.  J made it for me back in the day, awww.



party prep

We’re gearing up for another bday around here, I is turning the big 5!  He announced he wanted a space party…well I love planning.  In some ways the planning, the plotting, is my favorite part.  You get to do the invites, (and my very favorite) the party favors!  I’m like this with vacations, too.  I love the planning, the research, the shopping for, that goes into a vacation.  The actual trip is just the bonus at the end!



simple things…

Sometimes it is just the simple things (thank goodness!) that make me smile…

real cream in my coffee…


warm piggy’s…


 happy weekend!


out and about

If you are in the Portland area, I am having a show this Saturday at Spoiled Rotten.  It’s a lovely little shop and they are celebrating a new location.  I will have examples of my portraits, prints available for purchase, along with some originals available for purchase.  I will be there from 1-4.  Please stop by and say hi!



view from the bay

If you live in the bay area, check out view from the bay tomorrow.  Liz, from Cool Mom Picks, will be on to share her picks for mother’s day.  My portrait paintings will be one of them!

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hat crush

ok, I have a major hat crush.   I can’t wait to see if some lighter summer hats will appear soon…you can find this and lots more beauties at Terry Graziano Hats.


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pretty packaging

Here is how all my paintings leave to go to their happy homes. 



I recently bought this beautiful italian cotton ribbon here.  I love it, and there are also some lovely alphabet ribbons I may have to go back for…


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art wall

This weekend I decided to fill the wall above the kids’ craft table with their artwork.  A little less ambitious than my original plan of framing small portrions of about 50 or so of their pieces, but I wasn’t quite that motivated.  Hey, atleast now I feel a little less guilty about the mass unorganized piles of  their  art.


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playing house

We brought out this charming little 2bdrm house for the kids today.  It was my moms and has been in safe keeping ’til now.  It needs a little tlc but look at those details!  My mom got it for Christmas when she was a child and I just think it’s so sweet.  The door mat has her name and there’s lovely wallpaper and curtains inside.




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then and now…

That was me then


and now…

I saw this over at swissmiss the other day.  It is just too fun. 

Go here to submit your own photos and take a look at others


new portraits, new styles!

So much to share.  Well I finally updated my site with some new portraits.  First let me introduce my new portrait option, the ‘line portrait.’  These portraits came about through personal paintings I had been working on and decided to offer them as portraits.   I think these would make wonderful gifts for anyone, from new parents to your parents.  I’m thinking an old family portrait from your mother or fathers childhood, to your brother on his cool 70′s bike.   Just send me a snapshot and I create a painting based on the photograph.


 Also, I’ve added to my classic portrait line some ‘wallpaper portraits.’   I have a long, you could say love/hate relationship with wallpaper.  I swore after pulling the stuff off of nearly every wall in our house I would ‘never…ever’ subject future homeowners to this task.  Well, you know what they say about saying never.  I’ve recently become quite obsessed with it.  It’s found it’s way into some prints in my etsy shop and am contemplating putting it in our powder room.  But until I take the plunge, I’ve created these portraits.  I love them because they add just a bit of pattern and pop of color, without having to comitt to a whole room.   I would love to fill a wall with old portrait paintings, and think these would look quite at home there, particularly with the wonderful oval canvas they are offered on.


 Please take a peek and let me know what you think!


on etsy home page

for the first time (that I know of) yesterday.  Kinda fun to click and see yourself there!

There’s my little fawn pendant and mini print…



here comes the sun…

I see a weekend of soccer games, yard work and sun in my forecast!  Also, I will be making some exciting additions to my website.  Stay tuned…happy weekend!



today i am…

one year older.  The kids brought me breakfast in bed (carrot sticks and crackers with peanut butter).  No big plans, but maybe this weekend we will head out for something sweet.  These are looking pretty good…


(via cupcake mama)



won’t you join me…

in my imaginary studio.  Here are some pictures of some lovely places and items that would be wonderful for a studio.  Soon, hopefully, I will share a few pics of my space.  It is a work in progress…


a nice light…


a little trolley for keeping supplies close at hand… (available at bailey’s  via housemartin)


lovely little work space…(via habitually chic)

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