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swing sets and prints

I added a few of my new pieces to my etsy store, more to follow!  Also, I am going to be adding quite a few originals!abovetheworld2.jpgabovetheworld21.jpg

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happy weekend!

sorry for so little posting, i’ve got projects coming out the ears!  If you’re in the Portland area,  I will be at Urban Outfitters (23rd ave. location) tomorrow (saturday) with many prints and possibly a few originals.  UO is having a benefit for the Oregon food bank with many Portland artists in the store selling their wares as well as a performance by local band Archeology.7tfpxc7uwn8asr24j3zs4e5po1_5001.jpg

(image via dujour magazine)

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weekend of superheroes

meet lightening bolt and web boy…and not pictured, the biggest super hero: dad, daddy, doo doo, chocolate eyes.  Thank you for being such an awesome dad to our kids!  And to my dad, for being such a huge inspiration!super-tiltshift-21.jpg

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Currently obsessed with

the art of Nicole Poko since seeing it the other day over at design milk.  She freezes paint and then lets it melt, creating beautiful abstract paintings.  I was so enamoured, that I immediately went and froze some paint.  Then I let the kids go to town placing their paint ice cubes where they may.  The melting process was really fascinating, we all had fun watching their pieces change.  I think we are framing and giving to grandpa for father’s day this weekend.meltingpaint2.jpg

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oh yeah, and there’s that

So a bit a go i set up a twitter account, but didn’t fully commit.  But  now, like everyone else, I’m addicted.  First it was, you will never see me facebook-caved, fine, but I will NEVER twitter.  What’s next? You can follow me heretweet1.jpg


Monday, monday

The days are beginning to blend together now that we don’t have a school schedule to follow.  Luckily, J has the week off, so I’m trying to get lots done while I have the chance.  With father’s day orders to finish, I definitely needed the help.  I also added some new prints to the shop this morning, so please take a look!circlegirlorange1blohpost.jpg

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schools out

It is now officially summer.  Can.  Not.  Believe. It.  This year they each filled a page of notebook paper with their favorite things about the year and we scanned, colored, and printed them on beautiful paper, to give to their teachers.  Each was them of course signed by the artists.schoolyear.jpgendyearart2.jpgmy favorite feature is ‘resus’ (otherwise known as recess).

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making me miss it

I saw this post over at apartment therapy today about the standard winning the MASterwork Award from the Municipal Art Society for excellence in urban architecture.   It stradles the high line which was alas, in its final stages of completion and not yet open while we were there, next time, next time…Man, hope I have an excuse to visit again soon.  I miss eating breakfast in THE most comfortable bed with THE most incredible view.6-9-highline-standard-01.jpg  


thank you

to all who came out Friday!  Here are a few pics…showsmall-tiltshift.jpgtildesm.jpg


sickly technology

I have been out of the loop the last few days with an ailing computer.  I feel totally disconnected!  But now I have a shiny new computer on its way and this perty little cover to keep it that way.


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