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My daughter is a master at the subtle Halloween costume.  So much so that often times it’s hard to know exactly what she is.  Take for instance the year she was a half fruit/half vampire bat.  I’m pretty sure she is the only kid that has ever been that.  This year she announced she wanted to be a ghoulish/scary owl, not your average cute owl.  So.  We made an owl costume and then, added three drops of blood.  Subtle, yes she is.


Have a fun Halloween (and happy bday to my mom who is a Halloween baby!)


quiet paintings

A couple more small paintings.  I’m sharing them together because despite the difference in palette and subject they both feel like quiet winter scenes to me.  These will both be available at Little Winter (which is next weekend!).



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this pine cone charcoal drawing my daughter brought home from art class.


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crafty pop up

I dropped off some little paintings yesterday for the Crafty Wonderland pop up shop.  Here they are, but I forgot to snap a pic of them all framed up.  The pop up shop is set to open in November and all the art is 6″x6″ or smaller and $100 or less.





happy friday!

I swear the weeks are spinning by so fast lately!  How did it get to be Friday again so quickly?  My day started out so nicely yesterday with coffee with the lovely Elsa May and this weekend I am looking forward to the staying in, getting some more painting done and watching the rain arrive.




These little paintings have become my morning warm up.  I can’t wait to get started and find it hard to put them aside and work on orders and portraits.  Here’s another I recently did.  I will have quite a few at little winter and several at the Crafty Wonderland pop up shop.


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perfect fall

I suppose I am a true Northwesterner as I love when the rain comes and I can turn on lamps, light candles and put a fire on.  The past few weeks we’ve been having a blue sky fall, which is quite nice also.  Hopefully it will hold out for a trip to go pumpkin picking this weekend.  (confession: I had pumpkin pie for breakfast, mmmm)  Anyhow, here are a few more wee paintings that have a very winter feel.  I’m off to go riding then some more painting.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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a new favorite

Yesterday I mentioned the new series of tiny paintings I have in the works to debut at little winter.  What I didn’t share is, that I am addicted to these little guys!  I think it’s because they are so different from the large paintings I have been working on that can take months to complete.  It is a nice break to sit down and see a thought through to completion so quickly (they are 4″x4″).  Oh, and they will all come framed.  This is my new favorite of the ones I’ve completed so far.



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morning out my window

It was nice and foggy this morning when I walked the kids to school.  I love a good foggy morning!  These are some images of our front windows, I think they are so beautiful.




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A new painting!  I will have prints available soon.  In the meantime, happy weekend!


Portland Fashion Week

I will be at an event for Portland Fashion week tomorrow showing some paintings! If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hi!   It’s going to be a great mix of fashion, art and music.  The opening night features:

- Adam Andreas
- Idom
- R. A. W. by Rio Wrenn
- Dawn Sharp
- Laura Allcorn
- Sword & Fern
- Pinkham Millnery
- Filly

Artists: Jesse Reno, Isaac Bushkin, Michele Maule, Lisa Golightly

Bands: XOXO

for more info and tickets go here

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big and small

These are a couple new paintings I’ve been working on for a bit.  The first is quite large and still has a little more work to go.  The second is quite small and just completed.


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