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giveaway at cup of jo!

I have a giveaway today over at cup of jo!  Leave a comment there for a chance to win a 13″x19″ print of ‘Girl in a Yellowsuit.”  Thanks Joanna!



loads of new work

Ah, a quiet house.  After a crazy week of spring break with the kids I am so ready to finish the huge pile of *almost* done work.  The hardest parts, or maybe I should say slowest parts, of the process of  painting for me is putting down those first layers and the last bits of polish.  They will sit there 95% done for weeks until I finally sit down and take the last step and make that commitment to completing it.   So…with this gorgeously quiet house, and some guilt for leaving them sad and unfinished, and an event coming up I want new work for, I plan to finish and share a ton of new paintings in the coming days.



I shared these previously.  They were very close to complete then, but here they are truly completed.

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spring break

The kiddos are home this week on spring break, which means posting will be sparse and I will be busy trying to work and play peacemaker at the same time.  See you next week!



happy friday!

Today I am jumping for the first time since starting back into horseback riding.  Wish me luck! (but not break a leg, cause well, I don’t want to.  or an arm for that matter) Tonight I will be at the Playground screening, hope you will too!


image Yoshitomo Nara


love it

You probably already saw this over at Poppytalk but I love it so much I’m posting it here.  ‘Aye Jay Morano sent his third grade son Cohen’s water color paintings out into the world to be altered and added to by an impressive collection of street artists, graffiti writers and children’s illustrators.’  The book is available here.  I already got mine.




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Mr. or Ms. Postmaster

20×200 has the BEST shipping labels.  I love the ‘Mr. or Ms. Postmaster please for the love of art do not bend!’  I need to do something like this, because apparently even though I stamp all my packages with a ‘please do not bend’ every so often,  they do.


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New work

for a show in Australia.  Story of a Secret State is a group art exhibition that seeks to illustrate the horrendous human rights violations taking place in North Korea.  Here are my three contributions.




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POW fest

If you live in Portland, please come out and support the film Playground, Friday as part of POW fest!  You may remember me mentioning it last year here.   Libby Spears, the director, has a continuing stake in the lives and issues portrayed in the film.  The nest foundation grew out of the film and the need to provide support for sexually exploited children.  A shelter is in the works that will “extend resources to youth throughout the United States, by developing plans for an art based shelter,” here in Portland.  So please come out and support the film and shelter by showing the city our community supports it!  You can learn more about the film and foundation here.  Tickets available on the POW fest website.



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a night away

J and I went downtown for the night to celebrate our anniversary.  We had a great time.  Loved the little library with a pool table and bits of art scattered throughout.  It’s amazing how just one night away from your ‘everyday’ can recharge your perspective.