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Happy Friday!


This weekend looks to be a busy but good one.  I plan on doing some painting, then a little painting, followed by some painting.  Oh, and an evening out at my very favorite Portland tradition.  Should be perfect weather.  The photo above is a bit of randomness I saw this morning in our neighborhood that I rather enjoyed.  Have a great weekend!


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Sometimes I have to remind myself this when I’m dragging my feet to get down to my studio.  As silly as it sounds/is some days the hardest part is walking down the stairs and just STARTING.  After that, it comes together.  Maybe I should keep my coffee maker down there, that would do the trick!  How do you motivate yourself?

image here

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shop update!


I decided to set a date for my shop updates (I needed a deadline to give me a push).  So, Monday, October 1st I will be putting new work, originals and prints, in my etsy and floodline shops!  As it gets closer, I will post some of the pieces.

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

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pop up shop


If your are in Portland and are looking for something amazing to do this weekend, I recommend the xoxo festival.  It  ‘includes a (sold-out) conference with truly impressive speakers, an indie arcade, film screenings, fabulous local food carts and beer/coffee tastings, live music, and a 3-day market with a tightly-curated list of the best of Portland’s arts and tech scenes, sharing and selling their work.’

My prints will be available at Summer Allen’s (aka Design is Mine)  pop up shop along with some other incredible artist’s work.  The market/main event is located in the Yale Union building at 800 southeast 10th avenue.

more info here

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catch up

August (well really summer in its entirety) got away from me.  Now kids are back in school, John is home from work travel and I am feeling so ready to be back on track.

Some things I’ve been up to recently:


this street art made me smile


loving everything in Emerson Fry’s fall collection


getting ready to do a HUGE update in my etsy and floodline shops…


which includes several very large pieces…


still working on organizing Italy photos and making a book (I took over 600 on my iphone alone, eek!)