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objects of devotion

I recently saw this way to display ‘well loved’ objects over at the selby and immediately knew I wanted to do this.  The more loved a stuffed animals is the cuter it gets.  My son has one such friend, and many, many more that are loved, just not loved to near destruction.  A great way to display these cherished objects of childhood!  I want to run out and get a mass of different sized wood boxes…


via the selby

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new prints!


Lots of new stuff over at my etsy store today.  I have been making like mad.  All of these pieces and many more of my originals will be available at Tilde, starting June 5.  I will let you know more as it gets closer, but if you’re a Portlander, please come join me!

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when a tuesday feels like a monday

It felt sooo good to have a nice long weekend.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to stop working (a downfall to working out of your home/loving what you do, could be worse!).  This weekend, though, with warm perfect days it wasn’t so hard.  A few photos of the weekend.


Tomorrow I will be doing a big shop update with a lot of new prints!  stay tuned..


neighborhoody love

I’m sure you’ve seen these great posters by Ork before, but just in case you haven’t….



new favorites

Here’s a peek at a new piece I just finished up for an upcoming show,


and my new favorite photo toy, go here

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we survived the weekend

if only barely.  Pirate parties and bike rides were had, as our weather has been just gorgeous.  Danger boy (as our son is affectionately known), rode his bike into a parked car, flipped over the handle bars, and I am happy to report came away with only a scratch.  Lovely strangers helped us wash him off and bandage him up for the road.



urban coyote

So we live in the city.  Granted, this is

Oregon, so it is very green city, but a city none the less.  Our neighborhood is just a hop from downtown.  Wildlife in our neighborhood consists of squirrels and the odd raccoon.  So coming home the other day and passing a coyote walking casually down the sidewalk, is a traffic stopper, literally people were pulling over, staring.  Now, this coyote has been the stuff of urban legend for years now, we even saw it late one night years and years ago.  But to see one out in the day was something else.  There has been the recent putting up of signs to keep your cats in at night that got our kids curious, but after telling them about seeing it they are (and I cannot put enough emphasis on this word) OBSESSED. 


Maps have been drawn, plans have made, for my city kids it doesn’t get better than this.

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questions for mums

I am one of the featured mums today over at LMNOP.  It is so funny to read through all of the other mother’s answers to the questions we were asked.  The concensus seems to be the number one thing kids have taught us is patience.  Now truth be told, my kids have taught me patience, but I’m still working out the finer points of how to put it into action.  To read about more go here.


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to all mothers

To my mother, all mothers i know and to those who read here, wishing you a wonderful day!



the spoils

Of course, I couldn’t come away without a few little finds on my trip.  I didn’t go too crazy, though.  New York in a bag is one of those gifts you give to your child that you hope they bore of soon so you can take possesion.  I found this charming little book in the Yoya shop along with a couple old issues of Milk I didn’t have.  And couldn’t resist this beautiful set of Nara postcards in the MoMA shop.


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i’m back!

It was a wonderful, exhausting and inspiring trip.  Here are a few of my photos…


Loved, loved our hotel.  We stayed at The Standard in the meat packing district.  Great views and highly entertaining people watching in the lobby.  We made the museum rounds, American Museum of Natural History (thanks Emily for the tip), MoMA and the Guggenheim.  And spent a gloriously sunny day in Central Park.  I hope to have an excuse to go back again soon!