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tis the season of crazy

It is upon us, the season of crazy.  It’s my busiest work season and the kids schedules seem to get busier with age.  So maybe that’s why every year, our house gets a little, well, less.  If it were up to me, our tree would wear nothing but white lights (every year I try to convince them, isn’t it pretty with just the lights?!!).  They’re not having it.  So, I try in other ways.  Here are a few of my favorites this year…


1.   2.   3.   4.

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setting the scene

Happy December!  Though I’m not quite ready to decorate for the holiday’s (I like to wait about a week into December), I do rather enjoy the planning.  Pinterest has been a wealth of holiday inspiration this year, what did I do before it existed!  When we do decorate for the holiday’s, this is what I’m going for: simple, beautiful, a bit of a scandinavian influence, and of course, the new She and Him Christmas album in the background.

holidayinspiration2011.jpg1.  perfect table via here  2. clean and simple  via here  3.  my favorite wrapping paper of the season (and maybe of all time) via here  4.  paper yarn found here   5.  brilliant little wreaths (perfect gift tags/table seating) via here  6.  favorite new holiday music here

more on my pinterest holiday board here

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so fun

I was thrilled to see my print in the beautiful nursery of  Matt and Megan last week via a cup of jo! It so fun to see where my art ends up after it is sent off, especially when it ends up in a lovely space amongst such good company.


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I am planning a little studio redo this fall.  Right now it has carpet.  Carpet and painting don’t live well together.  Case in point the huge red paint stain in the middle of the room (which my husband only recently came upon ;) .  So we will be putting in a new floor and while we have everything out, I am going to put a lot of thought into how it gets put back together.   Here are some images I’m using as inspiration. (Though what I’d really, really like are high ceilings with huge skylights, sigh)


I am painting most of the space white except for the interiors of two closets that are spaced just as in the first image.  The interiors are going to get a few coats of my very favorite paint, Farrow and Ball ‘off black‘.  The opposite wall in my studio I am also painting with ‘off black’.  I am also planning on white/grey floors and a long wood work surface in addition to the work table I already have.   So hopefully in a few months time I will have a much more efficient work space that is a bit softer on the eyes!

Images:  shiny squirrel, seen and said , anthro, aubrey road

notes on design

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the midas touch

I used up the last of my gold spray paint the other day.  We had some vases that I just didn’t use, so I thought, why not?  Here’s the result.  Have an awesome weekend!




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Happy Monday!

I hope your Monday morning is treating you well!  I wanted to share a quick little project I did this weekend.  It started with of all things dragon wings for my daughter’s 5th grade play.  I bought some gold spray paint to use as a base and had some left over.  So, I took a cheap ikea plate (I think it was $2.99) and painted it.  Warning, gold spray paint is incredibly addictive.  I am now searching for something else to spray.  I also painted a dish a matte black and left one white.  I am going to use them as a jewelry catch for pieces I wear often.




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I recently came across this drawing my son had done of a horse.  I love it!  I had planned on framing it up but then I got an idea.  I wanted to see it large and BOLD, so I took a huge canvas I had and replicated his drawing in paint.  I tried to stay true to his design and just add a little punch to the lines.  I love how it came out, what do you think?



BTW, he was beyond thrilled

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So, not the most original way to start the new year, but a definite neccesity around these parts.  This weekend I am reorganizing my office and adjacent family room.  How we use these spaces has changed and I can’t wait to have everything all done.  My desk and the family computer will move into the family room which will open up some much needed space in my studio.  I don’t really use the desk for more than a place to set my laptop, so in its place will go a much smaller table.  Also, I’d like to add a couple of task lights to my work table.  I love theses, but will probably opt for some cheaper Ikea versions.  A little paint, organizing and art hanging and I’ll be ready to start the new year off on the right foot!

Here are some of my inspiration images:


triplex lamp


via the style files


via this is naive


via house and home

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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dream home

I really, really want to live here.  It’s an old church turned house.  The big open space, beautiful windows, all the possibilities.  I came across this home in a nearby town, but we aren’t looking to move so I’ll just decorate in my mind.


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morning mantel


My mantel right now is home to a painting in progress and a flower to try and brighten my day.  Just out of view, the sick kid on the couch, sigh.   (you should hear the commentary from my kids when I put up an in progress piece to look at, ‘he doesn’t have hands,’  ‘what are they doing?!’ and on and on :)

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white wash

I am repainting our entry and kitchen.  I do just a small section a day, it feels less overwhelming that way.  (I take a break from painting to paint, hmm)  It also forces me do some spring cleaning as I go, always a good thing.  My daughter, usually one to protest any change to the house, walked in and said “white!  it’s so clean and fresh!”  Ah, she is definitely a girl after my own heart.


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what i do when i get bored with the view

I am an obsessive compulsive furniture rearranger.  This old potting bench used to be down in my studio/office but wasn’t really being used…now,it’s my living room work station.  I’d like to put this chair there, but right now I am using one of our dining chairs.  It remains to be seen if this will stay or go back to where it came from in the basement…


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