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palette + painting


I usually am working on several paintings at once, moving between them.  Those paintings are typically part of a series and often tend towards the same color pallette.  I am really loving green right now, as you can see.



good mail day

Well today was a rather epic mail day.  The book ‘Creative Block’ by Danielle Krysa arrived.  The concept is a brilliant one and it is just so beautifully executed.   ‘Creative Block’ is “a contemporary art book filled not only with inspiring images, but also inspiring words, advice, and tips to help amateurs and professionals alike, find their way through those days when the ideas just won’t come.”  I am so honored to be included in it and can’t wait to sit down with a big glass of wine and read through.


more info here!  get your own copy!


snow day(s)


Snow in Portland is fairly rare and fleeting, but last week we got the real thing.  The kids got 3 days off of school (5day weekend) and we got our fill of sledding, urban skiing and snow ball fights.   Now back to work and on to Spring!