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what inspires you


Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of art books and trying to be better about keeping a sketch book.  I’ve also been trying to devote at least a little time each week to ‘playing’ without worrying about the end result (which is strangely hard to do).

top row: Ellsworth Kelly’s ‘Drawings on a Bus’

bottom row:  ‘playing’ with pink and green and my sketch book

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loving lately




1.  watching the world go by outside the car window  2.  recent polaroids  3.  my lemon tree is blooming (the smell!)


summer days slip away




I feel like summer just began and simultaneously is almost over, sigh.   The days are full trying to get work done, portraits completed, a site redesign/relaunch and the usual here and there of getting kids to camps and adventures.  Oh, and getting the odd vacation and general summer enjoyment in.  These are a couple polaroids I took on a recent trip to the beach.  I will  be back next week with a new site to share!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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art is messy



This is not my hand, but it might as well be.  This is not my jacket, but it might as well be.  Maybe I should start selling my clothes, because no matter how hard I try, everything has a bit (or a lot) of paint on it.

top image via

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aaand, I’m back!

We took a quick spring break trip last week.  It was the perfect last minute break we all needed and now we’re back to reality…



1 2 and 3


Happy spring!  1.  branches on my mantle  2.  spring colors finding their way into my work  3.  more branches!


happy friday!


There are just too many things to love about this image, I wish I had the original source (anyone know?).  While streaking into the forest is not on my list of plans this weekend, I’m sure we’ll come up with something.  Have a great weekend!  I am planning on adding several new originals to my shop next week, so stay tuned!

image via Kauffman Mercantile

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milestone day

This week my girl becomes a teenager!  I survived a weekend of being sick while she celebrated with her friends with a night at a hotel (but only barely;).   Here are some things I’m loving this Monday morning:


the new issue of Kinfolk,  an old pic of my teenager that I slipped in, a David head that I just purchased and am in love with and a polaroid of the sunset the other night.


of late

I’m still here!  Still catching up/recovering/plotting.  Here are a few pics of late…


1.  a study for a new painting   2.  a favorite corner in our home   3.  heading home over the bridge at night