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today I’m

loving the patina of age and use on this easel that my dad gave me

feeling like bad mom of the year after absent mindedly giving my daughter a sunscreen stick (thinking it was a glue stick) for a homework assignment  (note that at a quick glance they look very similar and actually works for approx. 12 hours after which time everything starts peeling off)

blushing (thank you Victoria!)

looking forward to a mom’s night out tonight at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try

painting, drawing and printing like a mad woman while listening to this book for my book club (just started it but already insanely fascinating)

how’s your day?


new prints!

A quick note to let you know that I have added a few new prints to my etsy shop.  Also, I finally got around to putting some more originals in, as well.

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Happy Fall!

or as I like to refer to it, crazy squirrel season.  I will be so happy when I can go a day without trying to avoid a) a squirrel in crazy to bury as many nuts as he can mode, running in front of my car and then stopping  b)  one of his squirrel cousins that did that,  and is no more.  Anyhow, spring used to be my favorite season, but the last few years fall has been giving it a run for its money.  I saw these photos over at la porte rouge and they pretty much sum up what I would consider the perfect fall day.


Death by Toast

Toast, please stop.  You are killing me.  The clothes (yum) but also the little videos for each piece.




(thank you to Olivet for reminding me how amazing their stuff is)

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Chapman Swifts

We made our annual trip to see the Chapman swifts last night.  Always magical.  There was hardly anyone there, I’m assuming because of the threat of rain.  It was perfect viewing until the last few dropped in and the downpour started.  It actually made it more fun, we were all soaked to the bone and laughing.



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abstract beginnings



I’ve really been enjoying letting myself play in the morning before getting down to it.  Here are a couple examples.

Have a wonderful weekend, I think our skies will be looking suspiciously similar to the above paintings (which I secretly love)!

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how did it become Wednesday so fast?

Portlanders, have you seen Portland Bingo?  Did you laugh as hard as I did?  Seriously clever and funny, so not surprising it was put together by artists Amy Ruppel and Bishop Lennon.  Some of my favorites are tall bike, bearded man, tiny horse and naked lady club (do you get to mark bonus points for a naked lady on a tall bike?).  Speaking of Amy Ruppel, the small wax drawing I purchased came and it is so delicate and quiet, I love it.





We had beautiful fallish weather here this weekend, perfect for the outdoor concert we went to on Saturday.  Ray kills me every time.

Ray LaMontagne

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color inspiration


I bought these birthday candles this summer at a little shop on Orcas Island for their unusual muted colors.  They are so pretty I’ll probably end up hoarding them and never use them.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

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One of my paintings will be part of a silent auction here in Portland tomorrow.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while I’ve mentioned the film Playground.  If you are in the Portland area and have not seen it, I really recommend going.  There will be a special screening of Playground by Director Libby Spears, to benefit
Caldera and POW Fest Documentary Programming at the Hollywood Theater.  The evening will begin with a reception, sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company, a silent auction and special introduction by Senator Ron Wyden – co-
sponsor of an anti-trafficking bill in the Senate – and conclude with a special Question & Answer session with
civic leaders and Spears immediately following the film.  For more info and tickets go here!

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back to school!!!


Both kids gave thumbs up to the first day back, I gave it four stars!  It was great to have a nice long stretch to work in a quiet house.  I was also excited to have a few fun mentions today.  One of my favorite blogger’s guest posting on one of my favorite blogs mentioned my work (thanks Victoria!).  And, USA Today linked to my print in a short writeup they did on Popcandy about Working Proof Gallery!  Hope your week is off to good start, as well.


happy friday!

(and how did it get to be September?)  I think I’m a bit in denial, even though I am looking forward to cooler days.  I plan to spend the long weekend doing something fun as a family and in my cave painting.  How about you?



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blue bliss

I am currently having a small love affair with blue.  An inky dark blue, love.  Here’s another painting I recently completed!



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