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and they were all yellow

Jan and Earl over at Poppytalk have a fun fall theme going on this week.  It is autumn color week over there, today is yellow.  Here is my contribution which also happens to be a new print in the shop!  I have a few new pieces that are going in this week (and for real this time, several originals!).


‘A Moment of Hesitation’

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blue bottle

For Seattleites, I now have some select prints and several originals available at Blue Bottle Gallery, an art gallery and boutique in the Capitol Hill district.  It is owned by the husband and wife team, Adrea and Mathew Porter and its focus is handmade art, craft and design.  If you’re in the area check it out!



shout outs and another giveaway


Thank you to everyone who has posted about my work lately!  It really does make my day.  Also, another giveaway over at Crooked Smooked that includes my Pink Day print.

Can you guess what we will be eating a lot of?  Happy weekend!

popptalk - be sure to take a look at the poppytalk handmade market while you’re there!


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I’m just popping in to let you know about a great giveaway happening over at poppytalk.  Two winners will win a Plywerk Bamboo Artist Panel each of their choice from fawn and forest.  You have until Sunday to leave a comment to enter, good luck!


I’ll be back later today with a another post.

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feeling fall

The last few mornings have had a very fallish feel to them here.  I really love the cooler temps (and even the rain).  I love turning on lots of lamps, a few candles and getting to work.  With the kids in school, I have tons of projects running around my brain waiting to get out.  Thinking these are warmers are going to be my uniform once the cooler temps hit for good.armwarmers1.jpg

at sock dreams 


quiet house

First day back at school for the kids and I am basking in the quiet of the house.  I am giddy having an entire day to work.  The kids were super excited to get back, as well (first day nerves aside).  Currently catching up on shipments, listening to music and smelling my favorite new candle, must go stock up.993134_050_b.jpgavailable here 


doing what you love makes you smile

Monday is my new favorite day of the week.  After years, and years, and years of dreaming of getting back to my first passion (some may say childhood obsession) I am once again riding horses (and maybe when I get my legs back under me, jumping).  It took years of begging when I was a kid to get my parents to agree to let me take lessons.  I rode for years and can’t really remember why I stopped, but it has always been there.  The thing that someday, when the time is right I will do again.  And now I am!  And my legs hurt, like really hurt.  I love it!  What makes it even more exciting is that my daughter has started as well, so now we can bond over riding.470487909_d6e4da125b.jpgimage via jaytatone 


team effort

Wow, September!  The last few weeks I’ve been finishing up a few things, making a much anticipated return to a past passion (more on that soon)  and enjoying the last days of summer before the kids go back to school.    Also, I’ve been working with fawn&forest to plywerk some of my paintings.  They are now available there along with some great selections from many other artists.large.jpgHappy weekend!