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February 28, 2013

I am coveting this book and this gorgeous book stand.  They would make quite the handsome pair, no?




book discovered via, book stand via

my favorite gets

December 1, 2011

All the gift guides out there got me in the mood to do a few of my own.  These are things that I have come across and loved.

FOR HER (aka as things I’d feel lucky to find under the tree;)


sconce  / oval cabochon ring  /   earthenwear pitcher  /    brown leather doctor bag

edit: btw I know that sconce is rather indulgent, but I’m having quite an obsession with it, so I had to add it :)



astronomical drawings  /  wood headphones  /  to my health flask  /  audio lightbulb



draw your own flip book bank  /   feather clips  /  horse print

happy weekend!

October 21, 2011

Here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend!  I am chaperoning a ‘girls night’ at my daughter’s school (seems like everyone I talk to had a universally horrible middle school experience, me included).  I also am itching to paint and work on a horse costume.  As in a costume for a horse.  Good times!

Here were my favorite pins this week:


This made me laugh because I pretty much always have paint on my hands, and the day I saw this I had stepped in some as well :)

via ink and wit


in lust with these chairs (via bodie and fou)


my toes need these slippers this winter (via toast)

happy friday!

September 30, 2011

Ah, Friday.  I picked my husband up at the airport this morning.  He’s been in Asia for the past few weeks, so this weekend we will be adjusting to having him back around (what my friend calls ‘re-entry’)!  Oh, we will also be burrying our beloved ‘fishy’ who died a few days ago.  He was a guppy my daughter had gotten in the 2nd grade, so he was around 4 years old, a good long life for a fish, I’d say.

Here were some of my favorite pins this week, have a lovely weekend…


1.  I love the title of this book, so true, don’t you think? ‘A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign of a Mispent Life,’ found here

2.  Obsessed with Cy Twombly right now

3.  This outfit says fall to me, found here

a find

January 28, 2011

I just wanted to share this beautiful shop I just discovered, Elk.  Not only are their things beautiful, but the packaging is lovely.  That always earns huge bonus points, and even though they are in Australia, their shipping is super fast!



(thanks Annie for introducing me to this beautiful store!)

Death by Toast

September 21, 2010

Toast, please stop.  You are killing me.  The clothes (yum) but also the little videos for each piece.




(thank you to Olivet for reminding me how amazing their stuff is)

lusting after…

April 15, 2010

these gorgeous cameroonian juju hats at la viva home  (via Jeana Sohn)


this ceramic trophy at yellow owl workshop


i want these shoes

March 3, 2010

and i’ll take the view, too.  I’m seeing a yellow trend in my life lately…


the saipua blog (via Chelsea)

why you should buy art

March 2, 2010

Loving this print by William Powhida over at 20×200.


holiday wish list

November 16, 2009

I am now taking full and complete advantage of this blog by (not so subtly) posting my holiday wish list.  Now, if my wonderful hubby just happens to read this post I have ever so helpfully included links to each one ;)


1. porcelain beaver skull here   2.  porcelain dahlia candle holder here 3.  gathered jersey tunic here 4.  moleskin water color book here

more lovely

October 7, 2009

duck_dandy3_large1.jpg:emmerson.jpgeverything at emmerson made is so simple and beautiful.  (also i want to live at the house where all her products shots were taken, and i’ll take the duck, thank you.)

window shopping

October 6, 2009

I have a very sick kid at home (day 4 with super high temp=no fun, poor kid).  So while we watch every Harry Potter movie (again, again and again) I have been sitting here finding all sorts of stuff I now want.   The list includes:


adorable dress via lamixx (i will be wearing this a lot this fall with jeans/tights)


these books have been making there way around the web, I want them ALL!


and was so excited to see this now available in the US, here.

really loving

September 22, 2009

this tape holder from DWRf_17173.jpeg

i’ve been eyeing this

August 12, 2009

nearly convinced…areaware_orbit.jpgat design public

school shopping

August 11, 2009

School feels like it’s coming fast.  I used to love, love buying new school supplies.  I mean LOVE.   I am such a sucker for a good grown-up schoolish product, here are some of my favorite.bookcityjackets.jpg         book city jacketsil_430xn84478191.jpg        lemon tree for pencils and alphabet rolling stamp

yes, please…

August 3, 2009

at social designer

making up for lost time

July 14, 2009

look at me, three posts in one day.  Every summer, our kids beg, beg, beg for a tree house.  The problem, we don’t have a tree.  Look at these!  Make it a little larger and add some indoor plumbing and I’d live in it!treehouse.jpgWorapong Manupipatpong found via ohdeeoh 

candy colored bike

July 14, 2009

just spotted these at UO, so fun, you can custom color your bike!picture-2.pngvia moderncraft

currently coveting

July 9, 2009

il_430xn77596561.jpgavailable here 

sweet as

May 19, 2009

honey, as in stone and honey.  Currently coveting this necklace…