setting the scene

Happy December!  Though I’m not quite ready to decorate for the holiday’s (I like to wait about a week into December), I do rather enjoy the planning.  Pinterest has been a wealth of holiday inspiration this year, what did I do before it existed!  When we do decorate for the holiday’s, this is what I’m going for: simple, beautiful, a bit of a scandinavian influence, and of course, the new She and Him Christmas album in the background.

holidayinspiration2011.jpg1.  perfect table via here  2. clean and simple  via here  3.  my favorite wrapping paper of the season (and maybe of all time) via here  4.  paper yarn found here   5.  brilliant little wreaths (perfect gift tags/table seating) via here  6.  favorite new holiday music here

more on my pinterest holiday board here

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2 Responses to setting the scene

  1. Annie 2011, December 1 at 9:51 pm #

    oooh great list + love your pinterest board and love the She & Him album!

  2. Lisa Golightly 2011, December 3 at 11:04 am #

    thanks annie!