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For a long weekend, it went awfully fast.  The highlight was a fun night at the Timbers game which also provided a perfect view of the thunder and lightening.  Then this morning the best bit of crochet bombing I’ve seen yet.



Have a lovely weekend!


Oh, this weekend is going to be a good one.  We’re taking in our first Timbers game of the season (fingers crossed no rain), checking out the new Waffle window (precariously close to our house) and lots o painting.  I have my painting mojo back, I’m so excited to dive in!

Oh, and did you see the write ups on the Seattle Girl Crush Tea party (here and here)?  There are still spots left for the Portland one I’m hosting June 9!

creating, everyday

I’m still here

Just a little bogged down with work and spiffing up my workspace a little.  It has turned into one of those house projects where one thing leads to another, to another.  I can’t wait to have my space back, no doubt it will be much more efficient when done, until then….not so efficient…



weekend pics


We had a wonderful mother’s day/birthday boy combo day here on Sunday with perfect blue skies to enjoy it.  Now I have a boy home from school with a crazy eye thing going on (that you can see just starting in the pic above), luckily he has several new lego kits to keep him busy!