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Hi, did you have a nice holiday?  I have slept in the last two days (heaven).  I am easing back into the work week, I think step one will be cleaning my studio which currently looks like a small tornado did it in.

I have a guest post today over at one of my all time favorite blogs (!) The Jealous Curator.  So if you are curious what artist I am jealous of, hop on over there!


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to you and yours

Have a wonderful holiday!  I’ve been absent working literally day and night getting orders off.  I had forgotten what bone weary was, not since having newborns have I been this sleep deprived!  So, I’m taking the next few days off to relax and spend time with my family, whom I feel like I’ve barely seen this past month.

Thank you so so much for your support this year!


I leave you with this beautiful photo of snow falling, so magical.

by Yugi Obata more here via abbey goes design scouting


nearly there

I am nearing the end of my crazy season, with most of the orders on their way and the rest nearly ready!  I’ve had far too many late nights to count and am looking forward to a week of sleeping in (with the exception of xmas day, of course!)  and doing a lot of nothing.  I spent my late nights watching 4 seasons of 30 Rock and countless movies.  My conclusion, comedies get you through the night.  On that note, I just saw this and thought I’d share it for a laugh (especially Portlanders).


oh tannenbaum

I took my only break from working this weekend so we could get our tree.  Even though the house is not even close to being decorated for Christmas, at least it now smells ready!



gift guide-kids

Here are some of my favorite gifts for kids this year.

This year my daughter is squarely in the ‘pre-teen’ category, which at first left me stumped, but since she was never a ‘toy’ kid, I think it has actually gotten easier for me to come up with ideas.  My son is all about making things, especially mechanical things so I am loving automatons.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind the little boat one below!  Enjoy!

holidayggkids20101.jpg1.  all natural mint lollipop, here   2. horse automaton kit here  3.  sailboat automaton here  4.  mechanical cable car here  5.  piggy bank (i actually want this!) here  6.  copter pen here  7.  electronic tape dispenser here 8.  do it yourself wind up kit here  9. cute wallet here

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working away

I am busy working away getting orders out for Christmas.  If you have already ordered, I will be finishing up and getting your portrait off to you soon!  If you are interested in a portrait, I am no longer taking orders for Christmas, BUT I have gift certificates available!  With each gift certificate I include several postcards with images of my work as well as a bonus ‘little print.’  Please contact me with any questions!  Here are a couple new ‘little prints’ in my etsy shop and an example of what comes with each gift certificate.



Also, tomorrow I will be adding several ‘little paintings’ to my shop (including the two above) as well as sharing my favorite gift finds for kids!

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CBS early show

Thank you to Chassie Post and the CBS early show for featuring my sketch portraits yesterday morning in their segment on holiday gift under $100!

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back from NYC

I had a great time, but it’s always so, so nice to get home.  The Martha Stewart holiday sale was wonderful, so many great things and it was fun to see the MS offices (and Martha doing a little shopping herself before doors opened).




I loved these great tinsel ‘chandeliers’


grand central station


Rockefeller tree





My ‘nyc Christmas tree’ in my hotel room

Now…back to work!


off to new york!

I am leaving tomorrow, bright and early, for New York City!  I am so excited.  A dear friend is coming along so we’re making a girls weekend out of it.  If you’re in nyc, please please stop by and say hi to me at the Martha Stewart holiday sale.  It is from noon to 6pm at the Starrett-Lehigh Building, 601 West 26th Street (between Eleventh and Twelfth avenues), 9th Floor.   I hope to see you there!

I will try and pop in with updates, or you can follow me on twitter!


photo by Joseph O. Holmes available here