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Sun.  That pretty much sums up the weekend.  Well, that and a life changing scoop of sea salt caramel ice cream from here.  It feels like summer and the stress of last week is gone.  What a great start to the week!


when it rains….


So many things swirling around these parts right now, I’m feeling a little disjointed.  It doesn’t help that I’m a little under the weather and there are some major life decisions going on, potentially good ones, but stressfull nonetheless.  I’m trying my hardest to stay focused and get some work done!

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It’s Monday again

How does that keep happening?!


We had the most beautiful weather this weekend and it felt. so. good.  I got an early bday gift from my parents and am loving it, an old school polaroid camera.  It’s like magic to the kids.  We did an easter treasure hunt with some friends that led to a fun old fashioned soda fountain shop, so the kids got their fill of sugar.   Now, fingers crossed the sun stays for a few more days, at least.


happy Friday! (and new do)


I finally got my hair cut the other day.  I’m almost as bad about scheduling hair cuts as I am about teeth cleanings.  Have a wonderful weekend!




My husband and I recently went to the play Red and I so enjoyed it.  It is  ‘an intense bio-drama of the renowned modern artist (and Oregon-raised) Mark Rothko, Red earned critical laurels in its New York run last season. Set in the 1950s, when Rothko was commissioned to create a series of large pieces of art for the new Four Seasons Restaurant, Red tackles big questions about art—what it takes to create it, and where it belongs in our world.’

The Portland Art Museum currently has an exhibit of Rothko’s work that runs until the end of May so I need to make my way over there, as well.

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