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I’m finding our dark days here really beautiful lately, as well as, an empty house and the quiet that comes with that.

Also, loving this video…



I have a little sale going on in my etsy store, 20% off all purchases!  This will be good through Sunday.  Just enter FRIDAYNOIR at checkout!  Also a few new prints have made their way to the shop, happy shopping!


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around these parts

This time of year I become a bit scarce around here.  I am working away in my studio to get portraits completed for holiday gifts and planning our own holiday.  Also, I have quite a few new prints and such to add to my etsy store and plan to have some of that done Friday (along with a little print sale perhaps).

Here are a few new little treasures around our home, along  with a selby film for zara featuring Lucy Chadwick.  I think all of blogsphere is now completely crushing on her and her life/home etc.  Personally I am dying over her coffee carafe.  Seriously, I told my husband if he can find one, he will make my Christmas!  Her whole home is so lovely, simple and so perfectly curated.


a few little vintage brass deer


old candles that were my grandmother’s


our new front door decal from Shanna Murray


the coveted coffe carafe and stand (oh, and those lights they have anchored to their table) By the way, I did quick google search and it seams I’m not the only one.  Also her glasses seem to be causing quite the stir…

(found via simple lovely)

Oh, and a Happy Thanksgiving to those here in the states!!!

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Business cards

I had some extra business cards sitting around that I did this with last year that I wanted to try another little project with.  Since I ordered them blank on one side I was able to do whatever I wanted, so I painted them!  I love how they turned out.



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a little gold horse

For all my nerves, we ended up having such a great time at the horse show.  As adults we don’t have many opportunities to earn a little gold trophy, so I have to admit, it was pretty fun.  I honestly didn’t expect to do well, and it so wasn’t about that for me, so it was a really nice surprise.  So please excuse my display of winnings, but the 8 year old in me is pretty darn happy.


My daughter also rode in the show and had her best showing yet, with a first and second place finish!   She also was the one to hand out the ribbons for my class, so it was a pretty perfect mother/daughter day.



Happy Friday!

I’ve been MIA this week, working on portraits and trying to psyche myself up (and not out) for my first horse show this weekend.  It’s just a casual show at the stable I ride at, but I am nervous as anything.  Wish me luck!

Here were some of my favorite pins this week:


painting in high heels, gotta love (pinned here)


using this image as inspiration for a simple but lovely holiday (pinned here)


fell in love with these beautiful grey sheepskins (via here)


oh to look this calm and confident while cantering with no saddle (confession: I hate, HATE riding with no stirrups, especially at the canter, which unfortunately is a regular part of learning to ride)

image found here


wrong month

This morning when I took my son in for his flu shot I accidentally dated my signature as being October.  I am still a bit perplexed on how it got to be November so quickly!  Any how, I will be back to regularly posting soon, I’ve been working on portraits and trying to do a little blog/website clean up (sooo time consuming).

In the meantime how fantastic is this cake?


here via here