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Crafty Wonderland!

I’m just finishing up getting everything ready to take over to Crafty Wonderland for this weekend.  If you’re in Portland please come by, there are some really amazing vendors.  I will have a ton of original paintings, prints, sets of my counting cards, giclee canvas prints and these cute little ‘photo booth’ prints!



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spring cleaning

I did a little spring cleaning on this page yesterday with a new banner.  What do you think?  I thought it was appropriate as that is pretty much the permanent state of my brushes.



canvas prints

Here are some of the prints I will be offering on stretched canvas.  I will add these to my etsy shop next week as I’m bringing these ones here this weekend.


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Prints In the Shop!


I finally got prints of most of my new paintings in my etsy shop.  I have a few more that will be added later this evening.  Happy, happy weekend!

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another newbie

Here’s another recently completed painting (really love this one).  I’m itching to do one similar to this but on a much larger scale.  Tomorrow I will have prints of all the new paintings in my shop!


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replenished stock

A much needed package arrivied today with some more postcards.  I have been waiting patiently for them to zig zag accross the country, be delivered to the wrong side of the country and then finally arrive.  I now also have these nice little bonus prints to be included with each order,  I just love his crooked tie!


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New Paintings

Here are some more recently completed paintings.  I still have 3-4 I need to complete and then plan to add prints of all to the shop by the end of the week.  I need to sit down and do all the scanning, sizing, printing involved with that.  The originals will be at Crafty Wonderland next week!  I am almost ready for that and have a couple fun things to share as it gets closer.





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Five Senses Friday


feeling, tired after going riding for the first time in a few weeks

tasting, morning smoothies made by my daughter

hearing, my dog whining endlessly because the kids are playing in the front yard without him

smelling, our lilacs are blooming, yay spring!

seeing, lots of work in my near future (and seriously, check out the eyes on that lady above, so pretty)



I still have a sicky on the couch, but I’m kicking him out tomorrow.  He probably should have gone back to school today, but is enjoying himself too much me thinks, and played it up this morning.  So in between taking care of him and working, I’ve been dreaming about these:


converting our garage into a little studio like this one via Canadian House and Home.  (by the way, do you hear that?  that is my husband laughing, hard)


the latest great offering at the Working Proof


My Monday View

Here are two small peeks at some new paintings.  I have a sick boy on the couch, but have managed to work on a few things today.  My goal for the week:  to finish up several portraits I am working on, as well as these new paintings.



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inspired by

these amazing self portraits by a local elementary.  The starbucks down the street rotates artwork by an elementary school in the neighborhood and right now they’re showing these brilliant portraits.  I had to buy the poster (only $10!)  Love it.  (if you are in Portland it is the starbucks at Fremont and NE15th ave. )


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down to an art

Anthro has it down.  I got this adorable birthday card with the candle necklace and coupon the other day.  Seriously, right?



My Monday View


THE most beautiful dogwood branches my parents gave me for Easter and a lot of art waiting ever so patiently to finally be hung up.



Have a wonderful weekend (and holiday if you are celebrating easter or passover).  If I were in Sweden I would go here.  Have you seen the eggs Camilla and other artists painted?  They will be placed in the castle garden, sigh.




Five senses Friday

So Abby has been doing this for quite a while and I thought I’d give it a go! Five senses Friday was started years ago by her friend, Shari Altman.  She takes Friday to reflect on what the past days have been like.

smelling: well not a whole lot actually (blasted cold)

seeing: patterns and beauty in unlikely places.  I love the shapes at the end of this huge roll of fabric I plan on recovering a couch with.


tasting: the Easter candy that I bought for the kids baskets and have been sneaking


hearing: birds building a nest right outside my window

feeling:  excited to start some new paintings and to finish some old ones


Mini Giclee Canvas Prints

I am doing my first Crafty Wonderland next month (more on that soon!) and wanted something new to offer.  So I decided to make canvas wrapped prints of several of my paintings.  I think these make a nice alternative to my standard prints.  They look so close to the originals it’s pretty amazing and as they need no framing, you can just pop them up on the wall.  Oh, and they’re so cute, wee little portraits at 6″x8″ and 6″x6″.  I will get better pics soon!




(and I will also be adding some to my etsy in the near future, as well)

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