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no wall flower here

Holly spotted these flowers yesterday apparently trying to make a statement.  Several pink flowers have sprung up on a bush of yellow flowers in our yard, and they are of a completely different variety.  They share the same stem/branch as the yellow ones.  Strange and beautiful, no?


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double digits, baby!

My daughter enters the world of double digit age this week.  My first thought: what?  My second thought: wow, I must be getting really old!


Happy Birthday Holls!


white wash

I am repainting our entry and kitchen.  I do just a small section a day, it feels less overwhelming that way.  (I take a break from painting to paint, hmm)  It also forces me do some spring cleaning as I go, always a good thing.  My daughter, usually one to protest any change to the house, walked in and said “white!  it’s so clean and fresh!”  Ah, she is definitely a girl after my own heart.


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starting the week off right

Everyone needs a little four leaf luck to start their week!


p.s. i am trying to plan a family vacation up to the San Juan Islands this summer, anyone have any great spots they’ve stayed?  Any tips are greatly appreciated!



A new set of postcards arrived today (I always include one or two with each order).  I plan on creating a larger one in the very near future (sort of a free mini print) with no text on the image to include as well as I always love receiving little extras with orders.


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spring in winter

We are having THE most perfect weather lately.  The flowers and trees all think it is spring.  It’s really crazy how many flowers are out.  Even, I, the lazy gardener, am already hatching far too ambitious plans for the garden.




If you’ve been pondering commissioning a portrait, today is the day to do it!  I have a special running over at Jasmere where you purchase $65 towards a portrait for only $28 (um that’s 57% off!).  This is only for today and you need to purchase it through the Jasmere website.



how is it Tuesday?

I’m moving slowly after the three day weekend, but I did manage to add the ‘mind your manners’ print to my etsy shop.  I woke up on Valentine’s day to my own little cupid and was ‘shot’ with an arrow that held my valentine (aka daughter dressed son up as cupid, complete with feathers and bow and arrow) and received these from hubby.  Chocolate and Pride and Predjudice, you can’t go wrong.



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a fun sketch

Sometimes it’s fun to just have fun.  I did this little sketch yesterday and thought it would make a fun print.  It is called ‘mind your manners.’  (may or may not be related to a recurring theme around here lately)  I have a few more sketches the could make a cute little series of three that will be making there way very soon to my etsy store.


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what i do when i get bored with the view

I am an obsessive compulsive furniture rearranger.  This old potting bench used to be down in my studio/office but wasn’t really being used…now,it’s my living room work station.  I’d like to put this chair there, but right now I am using one of our dining chairs.  It remains to be seen if this will stay or go back to where it came from in the basement…


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This weekend I was able to make a lot of progress on a series of paintings I’ve been working on and I’m very happy with them!  Here are a few.


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