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a holiday favorite

I’m nearing my last few days of getting orders out before I can relax and enjoy the holidays!  Tonight I’m hosting a little dinner party for a group of moms I have been friends with since my daughter was just a baby, so ten years!  I am so grateful to be able to count this group of women as friends.  We have evolved over the years from a weekly playgroup for the kids to a book club.  We’ve seen each other through births and deaths.

So I thought I include my favorite holiday tradition for our party, Christmas crackers.  This year I decided to make my own and while more work, definitely worth it, I think.  You can find a ton of tutorials on the actual process. I watched a few on you tube and I bought supplies from here.  The fun part, though, is filling them.  I bought fun cocktail rings for each cracker and included the traditional crown and joke, as well.



these days

My days lately are filled with a little bit of this


and a little bit of that



and, suddenly it’s Friday…


Where did the week go?  This weekend I have many a plan.  The first being to work and work some more.  I want to have everyone’s portraits in the mail this week, so I’m gathering some movies/shows/music to push through a couple of late nights.  I also want to stop by this and do a little shopping.  Also, we got our daughter this book for Christmas so I’ll be stopping by to get it signed!

Have a lovely weekend!


Happy Friday

Have a beautiful weekend!


(a quick pic taken while bringing a horse in from the pasture)


my favorite gets

All the gift guides out there got me in the mood to do a few of my own.  These are things that I have come across and loved.

FOR HER (aka as things I’d feel lucky to find under the tree;)


sconce  / oval cabochon ring  /   earthenwear pitcher  /    brown leather doctor bag

edit: btw I know that sconce is rather indulgent, but I’m having quite an obsession with it, so I had to add it :)



astronomical drawings  /  wood headphones  /  to my health flask  /  audio lightbulb



draw your own flip book bank  /   feather clips  /  horse print

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setting the scene

Happy December!  Though I’m not quite ready to decorate for the holiday’s (I like to wait about a week into December), I do rather enjoy the planning.  Pinterest has been a wealth of holiday inspiration this year, what did I do before it existed!  When we do decorate for the holiday’s, this is what I’m going for: simple, beautiful, a bit of a scandinavian influence, and of course, the new She and Him Christmas album in the background.

holidayinspiration2011.jpg1.  perfect table via here  2. clean and simple  via here  3.  my favorite wrapping paper of the season (and maybe of all time) via here  4.  paper yarn found here   5.  brilliant little wreaths (perfect gift tags/table seating) via here  6.  favorite new holiday music here

more on my pinterest holiday board here

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