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Real Simple

I am so thrilled to be included in the March issue of Real Simple magazine!


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CBS early show

Thank you to Chassie Post and the CBS early show for featuring my sketch portraits yesterday morning in their segment on holiday gift under $100!

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Martha Stewart Living!

I am so thrilled to have been included in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living, in the holiday gift guide.  It is on the stands now and my portrait sketches are on pg. 54!



(oh, and there is still time to vote for me to be part of the Martha Stewart holiday sale next month.  go here to vote :)

(also, stay tuned for a big update later today in my etsy shop!)

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in our humble abode…

apart from shipping out the last of my orders for the holidays (THANK YOU! to all who have ordered, and even bigger thank you to Dooce for including one of my prints in her holiday gift guide.  I mean she was the answer to a jeapordy question, this woman rocks!)


I’ve been doing a little experimenting with some new ideas, fixing my daughters stuffed animals (shown here with her ‘temporary eye’) and doing some gingerbreading.

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Small Magazine

So delighted to see the new issue of small magazine in my inbox this morning!  I contributed several paintings to the issue and it was so fun!  All the paintings will be available as prints in my etsy shop later today as well as the original paintings.  Be sure to check out the entire issue.  It is, as always, full of good stuff!smallmag5.jpgsmallmagazine.jpgsmallmag2.jpgsmallmag3.jpg

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questions for mums

I am one of the featured mums today over at LMNOP.  It is so funny to read through all of the other mother’s answers to the questions we were asked.  The concensus seems to be the number one thing kids have taught us is patience.  Now truth be told, my kids have taught me patience, but I’m still working out the finer points of how to put it into action.  To read about more go here.


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getting down to it

I recently figured something out about myself.  The more I have on my plate the more inspired I am.  This seems so counterintuitive doesn’t it?  The more I have to do, the more I want to do!  Good though, I suppose.  I am getting ready for a couple shows over the next few months (more on those soon!), working on portraits, and suddenly feel the need to start some new work.   

 Here is a piece I finished several months ago and will be offering as a print soon.


oh, and a big thank you to Kristen and Liz for including my sketch portraits in their mother’s day gift guide!

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Happy Spring!

It is my favorite season.  What’s not to like, flowers, warmer days, green grass, flowers…So I was so excited when Holly and Ez invited me to create a desktop wallpaper for Kindred.  Go and download a beautiful piece of art to greet you at your computer (free!).  Here is the piece I created and it will also be available as a print in my shop.



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open house on bloesem

Irene of Bloesem posted a house tour of our home today over at Bloesem kids.  For some peeks around and a little interview, you can go here…thank you Irene!


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tangled up

Thank you to Brittany over at Tangled and True for her sweet mention of my wallpaper panel art yesterday! 


ok, back to work!


great holiday ideas

Olio United just released their holiday gift guide and man do they put a mean one together.  That shouldn’t surprise me, though they have impeccable taste over there.   I am super flattered they included me in it!  If you live in Portland it is a gorgeous store, if not, they are online also, go check ‘em out!



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Irene at Bloesem was kind enough to do a post on my work on both Bloesem and Bloesem kids!  Thank you!  And thank you for all the shoe love comments over there.  They are my favorite pair right now and thought the color went perfectly with the prints I was photographing.



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