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friday, friday

Thoughts as we head into a three day weekend:

weekend doesn’t quite mean the same thing when you work for yourself (my boss is a slave driver)

I think I’m the only one in Portland not sick of the rain (it means I have an excuse not to be out weeding our yard)

Hoping I have an excuse to go to New York soon (check out this amazing installation piece in the elevators of the Standard Hotel by Marco Brambilla) sigh

happy weekend


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on my walls

I’ve been finally getting some things on the walls that have been sitting in piles.  Here are a few:




(I added the little paper heart to this neighborhood map)


happy monday!

Did you make these fortune tellers when you were a child?  Here is a quick refresher on how to make one, have a happy Monday!



Today I’m:

waiting for Doc Jensen to tell me whether they all died in the initial plane crash or later?  (head hurts, I lost it when the dog laid down next to Jack)

blushing, thank you Summer!

loving these shoes


when in doubt

add bouncy balls…


I did a very last minute shopping trip to gather essentials for my sons party happening this weekend.  In truth everything was left until this afternoon.  I hadn’t even given cake etc a thought until yesterday.  And you want to know what, it has taken me a mere 10 years of birthday parties to learn, they don’t care.  There will be cake, favor bags full of your standard stuff and everyone will be happy.  I have had years where I planned every last detail and it was fun, but in truth, I don’t think the kids had any more fun because I spent two hours on the cake.  So this year, and from this year forth, bouncy balls for everyone!


show pics

You may remember me sharing some paintings I did for a show called Story of a Secret State in Australia.  It seeked to illustrate the horrendous human rights violations taking place in North Korea.  Courtney was kind enough to send me some pics of the show, so fun to see my work there, even if I couldn’t have been.



new old toy

So I was doing my usual blog reading this morning when I saw this post on Victorias blog about through the view finder photography.  After clicking through to the view finder tutorial  link, I looked over at my shelf and realized, hey I have an old kodak duaflex, previously used only as decoration.  I made a very rough light blocker and tried a few.  I am so excited with the results I think I will make a light blocker contraption that takes me more than five seconds to put together.  No doubt I will be doing more of these soon.



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My Monday View

The beautiful lace like structure of this dried up leaf is so beautiful.  I’m loving the intricacy and the shadow it casts.



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5 senses Friday



seeing:  my ‘baby’ turn 7

tasting:  banannas (an attempt to boost my potassium)

hearing:  lots of drilling as hubby finishes my mother’s day gift

smelling:  peonies

feeling:  attempting not to stress about getting work done and cleaning house for visiting family

(5 senses was originally started by Shari Altman and continued by Abby who inspired me to give it a go)


all in their place

When I was asked what I wanted for mother’s day, I requested that a couple of our half finished house projects be completed.  I am great at starting a project and slow to finish, so it feels so good to finally have our mudroom organized.  We put in a long piece of wood as a bench and containers underneath for shoes.  Shoes are the bane of my existence around here, so hopefully this will help.



finally, in the shop!

I finally added some giclee wrapped canvas prints to my etsy store.  If there is a painting that you don’t see that you’d like as a canvas print, just let me know and I can create a special listing for you!



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coming or going


Ya, I’m having one of those days, can’t decide if I’m coming or going.  My aged old solution to this problem is quite predictable, coffee.


Happy Weekend!

We are having beautiful blue sky days here and I’m dreaming of having a picnic in a big green field.  Maybe for mother’s day?  Which brings me to: happy mother’s day to everyone out there with little ones (and big ones)!

I leave you with a gorgeous e-magazine put together by Jeannette of Fryd and Design.  I’m a big fan of her blog so I was so excited to see she included on of my prints in her new publication.  Thanks Jennette!  Go take a look, it’s like taking two shots of happy.



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cute dose

A little shot of cute for your Thursday.  The neighbors brought this little baby goose (gosling) over to share the other day.



I’m back

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this weekend and said hi, so fun to meet everyone!  I am still trying to get back to my normal productive state (and passing out while having blood drawn today did not help!).  BUT I recently had my 1,000th sale in my etsy shop so to thank everyone for supporting me and my shop, I will be including this fun little mini photo booth print free with every etsy purchase from now through the weekend!


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