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happy friday

I’m definitely feeling the rush spring air brings.  After a sketchy week of a husband out of the country and a house full of sickies, the blue skies are very welcome.  Have a wonderful weekend!


1. blue skies for days  2.  a conrner of a new painting  3.  did i mention the blue skies?


new little prints

I just got a new set of little prints back from Artifact Uprising and I’m so thrilled with them I had to share!  I’ve never printed the floodline pieces before and they turned out really well.  I think I will have to start offering a set of them in the shop.  For now, one will be tucked in with all orders.



palette + painting


I usually am working on several paintings at once, moving between them.  Those paintings are typically part of a series and often tend towards the same color pallette.  I am really loving green right now, as you can see.



good mail day

Well today was a rather epic mail day.  The book ‘Creative Block’ by Danielle Krysa arrived.  The concept is a brilliant one and it is just so beautifully executed.   ‘Creative Block’ is “a contemporary art book filled not only with inspiring images, but also inspiring words, advice, and tips to help amateurs and professionals alike, find their way through those days when the ideas just won’t come.”  I am so honored to be included in it and can’t wait to sit down with a big glass of wine and read through.


more info here!  get your own copy!


New Work

I recently finished the painting below.  The original is available at Good Eye Gallery and prints will be in my etsy shop soon!



snow day(s)


Snow in Portland is fairly rare and fleeting, but last week we got the real thing.  The kids got 3 days off of school (5day weekend) and we got our fill of sledding, urban skiing and snow ball fights.   Now back to work and on to Spring!


Expose Yourself to Art


Expose Yourself to Art | Mike Ryerson 1979

Because it’s Monday and it made me laugh.



this. that. the other

Things I’ve been up to since I was last here:

1.  started reading 5 books simultaneously (I do not recommend), so far I have finished 0

2.  cleaned my studio (I can see the floor!)

3.  had farewell drinks with a dear friend

4.  played this game with friends (cried I laughed so hard and not just due to all the sidecars I had consumed)

5.  went for a new years hike here

6.  started daydreaming/planning for our summer vacation

7.  made a mile long to do list…

8.  plotted all the paintings I want to do NOW.  (see no. 7)


In winter

It snowed here last night (enough of a rarity here that it is always exciting).  So I decided to finally finish and share some skater paintings I’ve been working on for forever.  I just love the stark minimalist quality of winter and decided to also invert several of the pieces, so both will be available.  I hope to have them available next week.   Happy Friday and stay warm!




Good eye gallery show

I am part of an event curated by Melinda Fay of Good Eye Gallery.   It takes place Wednesday, December 4, 2013, from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Deasy / Penner  Partners Pasadena office – located at 200 South Los Robles Avenue.  If you’re in the area go check it out!  Home_as_Art_top


New Work!

I will be doing a big update in my shop this Friday, with new prints and original paintings.  I am so excited to share this new work!

end of roll (pink)blog







So there is this amazing art project happening, consenses.  It’s essentially a grown up, artistic game of telephone.  Please, please check it out!

“Each artist extracts the essence of the piece they are provided and uses it as their catalyst for their own creation.  Ultimately, this process forms what they’ve termed “Interpretative Chains”:  a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing procession from one piece to the next; the revealing of a unique glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception.  So far 130 artists from all over the world have participated (none of them know who the other artists are on the project).”

The goal is for it to exhibit this summer, watch and find out more about it and how you can contribute to making it happen!



around here of late

I have been making new work like crazy, mostly quite large pieces.  This series has a lot of overexposed and washed out imagery as it relates to memory.   A bit like squinting on a bright day, memories are often abstracted and faded over time .   Here are a few, they will be available as prints soon!