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summer evenings

Every summer we set up a projector and watch movies in the backyard.  



With the sun now going down a bit sooner, our theater will be kicking into high gear, can’t wait.


cheap camera, priceless pics

I hadn’t used my holga camera for a few years, four actually.  But I took it with us recently on vacation and am really impressed with the results.  I only wish I had brought more film.  It’s pretty amazing what you can capture with a plastic camera…



(this one was an accident, but a fun one)





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Today we went downtown to the Oregon Historical Society to see the exhibit of Michael Curry’s puppetry.  His work is probably best known for the Broadway show The Lion King.  I highly recommend heading down to see it if you are in the Portland area.  You are allowed to touch and actually work some of the pieces so it’s especially fun for the kids.



It also got me thinking of this video I saw some time back of Royal de Luxe performance of The Sultan’s Elephant .  I’ve seen it many times and still brings me chills.  Really, if you haven’t seen it, you must go watch it now.  You will be so glad you did.



showing restraint

Ok, so first you should know I have a serious weakness for wooden German toys.  Serious weakness.  My grandparents moved here from Germany and had a German imports store, so the love runs deep.  When I saw this:



I nearly fell off my chair.  Oh, if our kids were a few years younger!  I even started debating, for the grandkids sake mind you, if it wouldn’t be an investment, keepsake to be handed down.   This is a seriously amazing toy/antique.  If you have little ones, walk, no run straight here to scoop it up.

i want

little bit of this…

The days are getting away from me around here.  Last week we went blueberry picking


and the kids have been working away on some paper mache


while I have been working away on some projects of my own


 I decided (cause hey it won’t be that hard!, yeah right) to swap rooms with the kids’ play room and move my office/studio in.  I always underestimate the time these things will take, but am really excited because it will be a much better fit for both rooms.  I spied this great faux floor mat over at sfgirlbybay that will be a perfect fit in my studio.  Maybe it will satisfy my obsession with painted white floors!


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happy weekend

I think we will be heading down to this fun event this weekend, made even more fabulous by its location at the ace hotel (I think a visit to their photobooth will be in order).


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kids spaces

I thought this was a fresh look for a child’s room via the current issue of Cookie magazine.  It got me thinking of ways to give my guys bed a little more personality.



These are the fabrics I like for his room (the lumpy’s, er elephants are a particular favorite of his). via purlsoho and buyfabricsonline

and speaking of living with kids, take a look at this fun space, a refreshing home that doesn’t try for perfection (but ironically looks pretty darn close to me)


(via the new york times, via decorno)

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under the sea (ok the pool)

Three posts today, I think that’s a record for me!  I just really wanted to show some pictures I got back from our vacation.  I took a disposable underwater camera and had a little fun.  Believe me when I said it, I am running out of wall space!  I am so in love with these.  I’m still waiting on my holga film to come back.  It’s like the old days of waiting to get your film back.  I actually really miss that, the surprise of what you captured.





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white and some more white

I’ve been really inspired recently by some beautiful home shots in blog land.  I’ve been particularly taken with all the white painted floors recently.  I did this in my daughter’s room, and I’ve always had floor envy.  I wish I could do this to all of our floors.  I’m thinking it would be especially nice come mid-January…



(via tinekhome, via decor8)


(via a room somewhere)

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I recently participated in a gift basket for the lovely Jennifer Garner and her daughter.  I created a painting in my line portrait style.  I hope she likes it!  (you can see it below near the bottom left)



new in the shop

A quick post to let you know I have a new print in the shop, along with a lovely hand painted frame.  I love the color, I almost kept it myself, but I’m running out of wall space!


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lots to share!

I have been working on these for a while now, weaving together different aspects of my work into a new line of children’s art.  I really love how they have turned out.  I have painted some charming little silhouettes onto wallpaper and mouted them onto these gorgeous wood panels.  They are available now on my website under wallpaper art, please take a peek!








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ah, summer days

This summer we made the choice not to sign the kids up for a bunch of camps, one each was the rule.  Oh, but it was so hard!  We live in such an amazing city full of so many neat camps, there was definitely temptation.  There are acrobat camps, art camps, theater camps, science camps, zoo camp, think of it and they’ve got it.  I can happily report, though, that we made the right decision.  The last few days have been so much fun.  We try to do something fun every morning and lay about in the afternoon.  Today we spent the morning at Jamison square, and oh how I love this city!  The kids played in the fun fountain that cascades and forms a wading pull, drains, and begins again.  We visited a toy store down the street and I got my daily caffenation here.



A simple lunch (sans wine for the kids) and now an afternoon of painting outside while the kids run through the sprinkler…


followed by our new favorite treat, mochi


here’s a peek of a large painting I have been working on

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back to work…

We are all caught up on sleep and laundry from our trip and digging back into summer.  I am working in our mud room to enjoy the sun, and keep an ear and eye on the kids.


Yesterday we were could not tear ourselves away from that amazing championship game at Wimbeldon!  Now wanting to sign the kids up for lessons, how easily influenced I am…

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we’re back

and with us many ‘treasures’ found along the way.


Now I need a nap…I hope to be back up to full speed next week with some fun new pieces to share.