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happy weekend

A belated happy weekend!  Thank you, thank you for all the lovely comments, they make my day!


(my son in full sprinkler regalia)


evolution of a painting part 2


A little bit of progress on this piece is happening .  I try to do a little here and there between filling print orders and portrait orders.  BUT, it’s also a good way to stay fresh, when I burn out on one thing I move over to another and it seems to work.

(you can see the previous few stages of this painting here)

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Chickens and water sprinklers, our weekend in a nutshell


finding a rhythm



sun, play, work, sun, work, play, explore, work.  you get the idea

happy weekend!


orcas island


We had a lovely little vacation.  Lots of  shell collecting, general exploring and whale spotting.  It’s a pretty magical place and I highly recommend a visit if you ever get a chance.

Oh and I couldn’t resist adding one more.  The deer are very sweet and begged for treats where we stayed, the kids were thrilled.


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wish you were here

And by here, I mean paradise.  We have been vacationing here the last few days and don’t want to ever go home.  Tomorrow we are off to look for whales!  I’ll do a full post Monday on our adventures, for now have a wonderful weekend!




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Have you heard of pingg?  It’s a free invitation site that lets design conscious hosts seamlessly create, send and manage stylish invitations and event communications for personal and professional events via online and print.  A few of my paintings are now part of their ‘designer’ series.  If you have a get together coming up, it’s an awesome way to go.  It’s my new go to, for our kids b-days.


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I thought I’d share a large painting I am working on as it progress.  I am always curious to see other artists’ process so here is a peak at mine.  Here are a couple stages in this painting so far.  I always take photos as I go along as I find it easier to see what is/isn’t working.   I will update with new pics on until it’s done!

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happy monday!


I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine turned out pretty nice.  We had swim lessons, friends over and I finally, FINALLY cleaned my studio up.  Wow, what a difference a clean organized space makes in my productivity.  I love it, it makes me want to work.  So hopefully it will translate into having a lot more work to share with you soon!


new work and a request

Here’s another new painting in my ‘bathers’ series.  It seems particularly appropriate, as it is ridiculously hot here.


And I have a request, pretty, pretty please vote for my friend Karen to win a week at a surf camp.  To say she is an inspiration does not do her justice.

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black and white

I love Amy Ruppel’s new work available over at artstream .  The images are hand-etched into a panel covered in black wax. Those lines are then filled with white oil paint.  The effect is simple but dramatic, and the old frames they come in are lovely, as well.  I couldn’t resist and picked up a small piece, can’t wait to see it in person!


(found via poppytalk)



the colors in this rock slice (one of the many treasures the kids got over the weekend)


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pics from the weekend


We had a great weekend in central Oregon.  It included a trip to this rock ranch from which we brought home many treasures, a lot of biking, swimming and canoeing.  Now, it feels like summer.


happy weekend (early)


We’re headed here for a few days!  Hope you have a wonderful (and sunny) 4th!

(photo via my bro)