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Small Magazine

August 25, 2009

So delighted to see the new issue of small magazine in my inbox this morning!  I contributed several paintings to the issue and it was so fun!  All the paintings will be available as prints in my etsy shop later today as well as the original paintings.  Be sure to check out the entire issue.  It is, as always, full of good stuff!smallmag5.jpgsmallmagazine.jpgsmallmag2.jpgsmallmag3.jpg

art in real life

August 21, 2009

I so love seeing my art in its new home.  I spotted my fabric eared bunny print in this crazy beautiful nursery the other day. Talk about crazy beautiful, follow the jump to see the beautiful little one it was created for.47b9d639b3127cce98548fcff57700000045100aanxlhq3csmsg.jpeg47b9d639b3127cce98548ff1f54900000045100aanxlhq3csmsg.jpegvia estate of things 

indulge me for a moment

August 18, 2009

If you visit me here regularly you may have noticed I am mildly obsessed with painting our hardwoods white.  I am 99% sure I would love the result (hubby not quite as much).  Talk of this is sacrilege to some and I’ve never seen it done in anyones home here despite our grey winters to which white floors seems a common remidy in Scandanavian countries.   So, should I say, Ha! to convention and just deal with any possible consequenses if we ever sell, or play it safe?whiteaswhite.jpgoh and that bench in the middle with those great legs is from an old high school locker room, here.  Anyone in Seattle want to drive it down to me?  (images via the gorgeous blog emmas blog)

what’s for dinner

August 17, 2009

I have just discovered my favorite cooking blog, eat make read.  The recipes all look really, really good, but also really simple.  I made three things from here this past weekend and can’t wait to make more.  Deciding on dinner ideas in this house is like pulling teeth so I thought I’d share!marketweek_dessert01_1_0709_x1-540×281.jpg

Surprise balls

August 15, 2009

The easter bunny brought the kids surprise balls a few years ago and I loved the concept but had sorta forgotten about them until I saw this post over at Uppercase this week.  Brilliant.  So while we were at the craft store the other day the kids found the cutest little wind up toys and my first thought was that they would be perfect in a surprise ball.  The hunting down of all the little treasures was probably the most fun.  Here are my finished surprise balls, now making their way to my three cute neices.  Hope they like them!  You can buy yourself one here, and they look to be very generously layered with goodies.surprise-balls.jpg

i like cookies

August 13, 2009

but I love Cookie magazine!  My Girl in the Yellow Suit painting is featured in the new Cookie magazine in their desk features.  Yay!  So excited!cookiemag.jpg

Oh and I now offer several of my prints in a larger 13″x19″ size.  If you’d like a larger print but don’t see the one you want, just let me know, I am happy to offer any in that size!


August 12, 2009

My new favorite afternoon snack is lemon curd on toast.  It’s like instant dessert!  And for dessert tonight, lemon curd blueberry tart, yummm.lemon.jpg

i’ve been eyeing this

August 12, 2009

nearly convinced…areaware_orbit.jpgat design public

school shopping

August 11, 2009

School feels like it’s coming fast.  I used to love, love buying new school supplies.  I mean LOVE.   I am such a sucker for a good grown-up schoolish product, here are some of my favorite.bookcityjackets.jpg         book city jacketsil_430xn84478191.jpg        lemon tree for pencils and alphabet rolling stamp

pieces making up the whole

August 10, 2009

I helped myself to generous quantities of paint chips this weekend and had some fun.  You might remember me mentioning this amazing portrait a while back and I finally sat down to give it a go.  It was SO much fun and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Now I need to do one of my daughter…paperportrait.jpgpaperportraitdetail.JPG

coming soon…

August 7, 2009

I will be adding some new prints (and originals!) to my etsy store next week!  These paintings were created as part of a fun project I have been working on for small magazine.  Can’ wait to share!


yes, please…

August 3, 2009

at social designer

day at the beach

August 2, 2009

We took a quick trip to the beach this weekend,  just long enough to enjoy the cooler temperatures and get sand on and in everything we brought with us.beachblog2.jpg