gift guide-kids

Here are some of my favorite gifts for kids this year.

This year my daughter is squarely in the ‘pre-teen’ category, which at first left me stumped, but since she was never a ‘toy’ kid, I think it has actually gotten easier for me to come up with ideas.  My son is all about making things, especially mechanical things so I am loving automatons.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind the little boat one below!  Enjoy!

holidayggkids20101.jpg1.  all natural mint lollipop, here   2. horse automaton kit here  3.  sailboat automaton here  4.  mechanical cable car here  5.  piggy bank (i actually want this!) here  6.  copter pen here  7.  electronic tape dispenser here 8.  do it yourself wind up kit here  9. cute wallet here

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