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New Work!

I will be doing a big update in my shop this Friday, with new prints and original paintings.  I am so excited to share this new work!

end of roll (pink)blog







So there is this amazing art project happening, consenses.  It’s essentially a grown up, artistic game of telephone.  Please, please check it out!

“Each artist extracts the essence of the piece they are provided and uses it as their catalyst for their own creation.  Ultimately, this process forms what they’ve termed “Interpretative Chains”:  a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing procession from one piece to the next; the revealing of a unique glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception.  So far 130 artists from all over the world have participated (none of them know who the other artists are on the project).”

The goal is for it to exhibit this summer, watch and find out more about it and how you can contribute to making it happen!



around here of late

I have been making new work like crazy, mostly quite large pieces.  This series has a lot of overexposed and washed out imagery as it relates to memory.   A bit like squinting on a bright day, memories are often abstracted and faded over time .   Here are a few, they will be available as prints soon!



happy weekend!


Have a wonderful weekend!  The fall weather has me lighting candles and huddling down in my studio.  I have too many paintings waiting/wanting to be made, which is both amazing and daunting.   So many images and ideas floating around in my head, waiting to get out.  Ok, so off to get some done!  See you next week, perhaps with new work to share…

image via


life immitating art


Observe: my boy taking the best photo booth pics ever and a painting from a few years ago.  I didn’t even think of the parallels here until I was uploading pics to my computer.  Perhaps some new bow tie boy paintings in the near future?


loving lately….


this shirt (because little known fact, I swear like a sailor)


an advent calendar I can get behind



this dream light


blowing up photo booth pics (perhaps to use as wrapping paper?) found here


and lastly, some of my very favorite things in one room.  What you can’t see is how giddy I was upon seeing a whole room of Gerhard Richter paintings in person for the first time, ahhh.






Oh, hey there!


Long time no see!  Well, this summer has kicked my, well you know.  I am a soldier of routine and summer throws that right out the window.  The kiddos go back to school in a little over a week and I am so ready to sink back into my beloved routine (aka get more work done!).  In the meantime, I have made my latest work available as prints in the shop!




Happy (June) Weekend!


I was so excited to see my ‘Smile and Wave’ painting in Emily Henderson’s living room!

We’re in the process of picking finishes for our addition.  I’m dubbing our bathroom (similar tile to this) ‘the little black dress of bathrooms’

I need this coffee mug to remind me in the morning.

We spotted our first naked bike riders of the season this morning, it’s officially summer in Portland!

Also, I plan on adding new prints and originals in my etsy shop this week!

Happy Weekend!

(also pssst, I am raising my print prices this week, so if there is one you’ve been thinking about purchasing, this is would be a good time to grab it!)


time flies…

when you’re busy.  Seriously, in my head it is still February.  The weeks seem to spin past!  Anyhow here are a few things happening around here…

painting, painting, painting (and wishing I had more time for painting)


loving that our kids love going to concerts as much as we do (and that they great taste in music)


oh, you know, just planning to blow out the back wall of our house next month….



Loving lately

Some things I am currently loving on a Friday….

Fabienne Verdier using this massive brush to create abstracts (and I totally want a giant brush machine thing now)

My new go to website for amazing recipes, Flourishing Foodie

This Dieter Rams quote found via simple lovely blog

Don’t forget to check out this show if you’re in the LA area

also I have some work available over at One King’s Lane

Happy weekend!