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happy friday!

Ah, Friday.  I picked my husband up at the airport this morning.  He’s been in Asia for the past few weeks, so this weekend we will be adjusting to having him back around (what my friend calls ‘re-entry’)!  Oh, we will also be burrying our beloved ‘fishy’ who died a few days ago.  He was a guppy my daughter had gotten in the 2nd grade, so he was around 4 years old, a good long life for a fish, I’d say.

Here were some of my favorite pins this week, have a lovely weekend…


1.  I love the title of this book, so true, don’t you think? ‘A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign of a Mispent Life,’ found here

2.  Obsessed with Cy Twombly right now

3.  This outfit says fall to me, found here

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late to the party

Ok, so I am a bit late to the party here, but I am just in love with Bon Iver.  It has been the soundtrack to my day lately, so beautiful…

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I first saw images of this on pinterest and was immediately intrigued.  These are posters are for a new single by the band Dry the River in collaboration with Xavier Barrade of FOAM.  So brilliant…


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Somewhere back in the chaos of the last month we took a family vacation to Hawaii.   These are a few of my favorite photos.  I purchased a digital underwater camera this time instead of the disposable ones I usually use, mainly for the freedom to shoot a ton of photos.  I love the results!





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hey there stranger

I’ve been MIA this week with the kids on spring break and all the fun juggling that comes with that (if I owe you an email, sorry, I will be getting back into my normal routine this weekend) .

Have a great weekend!   I really want to go to the hardware store, we have the best little old neighborhood one down the street, and get some rope to try these.


These were featured in Lonny magazine and are by Tanya Aguiniga 

Oh and don’t forget to go here to buy a raffle ticket for a chance at some AMAZING prizes with proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan!

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right now

I am in a happy place (thank you hot bath, glass of wine and a stack of magazines)

looking forward to hanging my show at Tilde tomorrow

loving working on work (portraits and other commissions)

happy to say I’d still say ‘I do’  14! years later  (and jealous of all the great resources out there for brides these days.  I’d totally go for a dress by Elizabeth Dye if we were to do again)

living for my new project and sharing it with you (though a bit nervous as it is such a departure for me artistically.  here’s another peek!)


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a few things for the weekend

So, I am happy to announce that I am officially out of my creative funk and back with a vengence!  I am working away on quite a few different things and excited about all of them.  I will have more to share soon, for now here are some of the things that are inspiring me right now:

 Pinterest, oh how I love thee.  A great place to go when you need a little happy boost.  Never fails.


Hex nut DIY bracelet

A little side project I have going!  More on this next week.


I’m sure you’ve seen the rainbow cakes that have been making the blog rounds.  Well, I found these for my daughter’s bday cake tonight, rainbow candles!


Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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change of scenery…

is a good thing.  We had a wonderful few days up on the mountain and now it looks like the snow might be following us back down into the valley.



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pink horses for a pink world


I spent a little time last night working on some details for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.  I’ll give you one guess what we will be doing.  I am now sort of obsessed with this image and can’t wait for a little time to explore it in a painting. I will no doubt share some bday photos after the big day!

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I recently came across this drawing my son had done of a horse.  I love it!  I had planned on framing it up but then I got an idea.  I wanted to see it large and BOLD, so I took a huge canvas I had and replicated his drawing in paint.  I tried to stay true to his design and just add a little punch to the lines.  I love how it came out, what do you think?



BTW, he was beyond thrilled

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I recently got an email from Hannah Stephenson letting me know about a poem she wrote in response to one of my paintings.  Love that.  Love how ideas can morph and change and grow from one thing to the next.  A photo that inspires and idea, the inspires a photo, that inspires a painting, that inspires a poem and on and on.  Hannah has a blog, The Storialist, go check it out!



There, there, the stethoscope says
to the one being scoped, measured.

The breath-warmed diaphragm rests
near your shoulder blade like a palm

or pushes into the skin over your heart,
pledging loyalty, longing. I solemnly

vow that this is my body, these sounds.
Struck piano wire and typewriter key,

spinning dial to a combination lock
and roulette wheel. Clicking turn signal.

Deep breath, the doctor instructs us.
Then, breathe normally, as you would

usually. To see inside the sarcophagus
of the body, we observe survival: oxygen,

heartbeat. We can take turns examining,
listening. Climb up on the table next to me.

Trust me, I’m a professional. Let me plug
my ears with the clamor inside of you

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Music for your Monday

I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving an email from singer Ashley Toussant recently and I am now a fan of her work.  I love the internet, little connections that happen, introductions to art, music and people that would not have otherwise known.  Go check out her charming website that is nearly as charming as her music!


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morning out my window

It was nice and foggy this morning when I walked the kids to school.  I love a good foggy morning!  These are some images of our front windows, I think they are so beautiful.




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Chapman Swifts

We made our annual trip to see the Chapman swifts last night.  Always magical.  There was hardly anyone there, I’m assuming because of the threat of rain.  It was perfect viewing until the last few dropped in and the downpour started.  It actually made it more fun, we were all soaked to the bone and laughing.



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