a few things for the weekend

So, I am happy to announce that I am officially out of my creative funk and back with a vengence!  I am working away on quite a few different things and excited about all of them.  I will have more to share soon, for now here are some of the things that are inspiring me right now:

 Pinterest, oh how I love thee.  A great place to go when you need a little happy boost.  Never fails.


Hex nut DIY bracelet

A little side project I have going!  More on this next week.


I’m sure you’ve seen the rainbow cakes that have been making the blog rounds.  Well, I found these for my daughter’s bday cake tonight, rainbow candles!


Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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2 Responses to a few things for the weekend

  1. Annie 2011, February 25 at 10:20 pm #

    hooray – good news indeed. isn’t pinterest the best – so full of inspiring loveliness. and as for that Hex nut bracelet – brilliant! have a fab weekend.

  2. Jo 2011, February 27 at 7:01 pm #

    Love the bracelet! I’ve not seen one of those before!