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new over at poppytalk

The new poppytalk handmade market is up with some wonderful items for mother’s day (it’s May 10!).  So I thought I’d pick some of my favorites, my own and others, that would make really lovely gifts.  There’s still time to order a portrait, if you’d like it by mother’s day please contact me soon and mention when you’d like it by.


1. little pendant at my etsy store  2.  custom portrait sketch at my etsy store  3.  custom line portrait available at my website  4.  I love you bowl at palomas nest   5.  custom stationary available at cake + milk paperie

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just the ticket

The journey journal from cracked desings seems like the perfect little book to fill with pictures, tickets and notes from a trip.  I have a fun little trip coming up later this month this would be perfect for…


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stamp of approval

I am a sucker for a good stamp set.  These look about as good as it gets.


Have a wonderful weekend, I am hoping to step outside and soak up some vitamin D this afternoon!  And a shout out to my niece who is turning the big 2!  Happy B-day K!

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making a list

So I thought I would catalog some of my favorite things I have seen this season that would make great gifts.  At least things I would love to receive (this is for you, dear )  *edit* ok, ‘dear’, that sounds kinda strange, I don’t honestly call him that.  we just call eachother by our names.  just thought I’d mention.


1.   polaroid camera   2.  cupcake cuff (anthropologie)  3.  fedorable hat (terry graziano)  4.  handmade soap (onono)

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a day in the life

I saw these the other day over at Marthawrites and think they are such a simple and clever way of documenting the everyday.  There was recently an article in the paper here about the fact that the US ranks 23rd in happiness, so the journalist travelled to the number 1 ranking country, Denmark, to see what makes them happy.  He concluded that it was the fact that they find daily joy in the little things, a good cup of coffee, friends, a good meal…300.jpg

These would also make a great way to remember who your kids are as children, by having them fill them out and watch as they change and grow. 

(photo via marthawrites)

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today I’m loving…

these adorable little wooden families from fellow etsy seller Goose Grease.  I am seeing a little family project in our near future.  You can also order them customized to match your family (you know how I love portraits!).



…and these little beauties!  Found here


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music posters

So back in the day my bedroom was covered in music posters.  Yes, even the the door sized posters.  I met my husband at a concert, so a few years ago I gave him some beautiful hand screend posters of some of our favorite bands.  I am tempted to add to our collection with these…




available at the small stakes (via oh joy.)

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showing restraint

Ok, so first you should know I have a serious weakness for wooden German toys.  Serious weakness.  My grandparents moved here from Germany and had a German imports store, so the love runs deep.  When I saw this:



I nearly fell off my chair.  Oh, if our kids were a few years younger!  I even started debating, for the grandkids sake mind you, if it wouldn’t be an investment, keepsake to be handed down.   This is a seriously amazing toy/antique.  If you have little ones, walk, no run straight here to scoop it up.

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happy weekend

I think we will be heading down to this fun event this weekend, made even more fabulous by its location at the ace hotel (I think a visit to their photobooth will be in order).


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lamp love

This is my favorite image from the June issue of Living etc.  I love the black bunny lamp.  I wonder how hard this would be to recreate oneself….


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These make me want to have a tea party!  They are so sweet (forgive me I couldn’t resist).   If you have a little girl, they’d be just adorable on cupcakes or for a little tea birthday party.


(found via home canary via bubble mag)

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We are heading south next month for a week of beach life, can’t wait.  I saw this picture the other day and love everthing about it, not the least of which is that amazing vintage swim cap.


(via Black Eiffel,via Urban Grace Interiors + House & Life)

So I have been hunting around and saw this, pretty darn cute!  Could I pull it off? Would I actually wear it?  probably not, but hey it you never know!

It would atleast be good for a fun picture, right?  And this image immediately came to mind, great album.  Think I will go take a listen…


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hat crush

ok, I have a major hat crush.   I can’t wait to see if some lighter summer hats will appear soon…you can find this and lots more beauties at Terry Graziano Hats.


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