Several years ago I began incorporating pictures into my paintings. I was looking for a fun and unique way to display photos of my kids that reflected their personality and experiences. The name, in fact, is inspired by my daughter’s love of a bird she named Kiki, and for her imaginary friend Polly. Polly no longer visits our house as she once did, but I try to keep the spirit of childhood, wonder and imagination with me in my Portland, Oregon studio.

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  1. Lynn Howlett 2009, April 9 at 10:44 am #


    Writing to you from Rochester, NY.

    I happened upon your blog via Bloesem Kids (The home tour).

    Our home is in a blue mood at the moment – experimenting with different shades for the kitchen.

    Your living room walls are lovely. It seems the perfect balance of blue that I have been searching for.

    Could I trouble you for name of the color?

    Thanks, in advance, for any feedback!


  2. cal volks 2010, February 18 at 4:17 am #

    I so love your work which i saw on poppy. i work in cape town south africa in hiv/aids. I have a daughter called kiki who has a doll called polly. I wish the rands dollar exchange wasn’t so shocking or i would buy, but my cousin lives in oregon so 1 day when he visits I will hatch a plan :) cal.

  3. Mia 2010, August 13 at 8:27 am #

    Hi Lisa!
    I have just recently fallen in love with Your work. I hope to have one of Your paintings hanging in my apartment here in Stockholm very soon.
    I happen to have a wellread blog and have just posted a little something about You. Therefor I have borrowed a link aswell as a picture of Your work from etsy, I hope that is allright. If not, let me know.
    All the best
    Mia, Stockholm

  4. Kathryn Glover 2010, October 22 at 4:17 pm #

    Hey Lisa. I just found your work on etsy tonight. I live in Connecticut and right now the trees are doing their outrageous color thing. I like your work and it reminded me of Narangkar’s work. My daughter-in-law is in the Master’s Painting program at UC Berkeley and is working with childhood images when she grew up in India. You will find her work by just googling her name. I am a painter, as well, and I hope you will visit my site. I wish I could get out of my “art education” mode and have more fun with my work, as it appears you do. I especially love your painting of the water ballet! I will be following your blog, too.

  5. Polly 2012, February 2 at 6:19 am #

    hey – i just stumbled across your website and was drawn by the name – My name is Polly and one of my daughtes is called Kiki!!!

    I love your portraits – they’re beautiful :D x x


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