you were only waiting

Today I got a last minute birthday wish idea for my husband.  I decided to make a wall sized bday card/wall instalation for him with a line from the Beatle’s (his favorite band) song ‘Black Bird”.  I’ve made these before for other things and love them.  It’s pretty easy to do and makes a big statement.  Here’s how I did it!


I use yellow plastic encased rope that has a wire running through it, that I bought at my local hardware store.  I believe it was marketed as laudry wire?  Anyhow, I just shaped it and used a my leatherman to pinch anagles and twine to hold spots in place.  Then, just spray paint and hang!  I need to do a little adjusting to make it hang more evenly, but I’m pretty happy with it, hope he likes it!

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One Response to you were only waiting

  1. Annie 2011, January 20 at 9:02 pm #

    crikey that’s impressive! Super clever and so much better than a card.