My daughter is a master at the subtle Halloween costume.  So much so that often times it’s hard to know exactly what she is.  Take for instance the year she was a half fruit/half vampire bat.  I’m pretty sure she is the only kid that has ever been that.  This year she announced she wanted to be a ghoulish/scary owl, not your average cute owl.  So.  We made an owl costume and then, added three drops of blood.  Subtle, yes she is.


Have a fun Halloween (and happy bday to my mom who is a Halloween baby!)

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One Response to subtlety

  1. Julie 2010, October 29 at 10:21 am #

    Fantastic! Although my girls are far from subtle when it comes to costuming, others don’t often have any idea just who they are. This year is no exception:

    I love your work.