loads of new work

Ah, a quiet house.  After a crazy week of spring break with the kids I am so ready to finish the huge pile of *almost* done work.  The hardest parts, or maybe I should say slowest parts, of the process of  painting for me is putting down those first layers and the last bits of polish.  They will sit there 95% done for weeks until I finally sit down and take the last step and make that commitment to completing it.   So…with this gorgeously quiet house, and some guilt for leaving them sad and unfinished, and an event coming up I want new work for, I plan to finish and share a ton of new paintings in the coming days.



I shared these previously.  They were very close to complete then, but here they are truly completed.

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2 Responses to loads of new work

  1. abby 2010, March 30 at 8:09 am #

    Love these pieces!
    Of course, I really do adore all of your work.
    And I’m gonna say this here ‘cuz I am too lazy to comment on that other post-but I am swooning over that studio.
    What a dream!
    Hope you are having a lovely morning.

  2. Lisa 2010, March 30 at 1:04 pm #

    thanks so much abby!