ah, summer days

This summer we made the choice not to sign the kids up for a bunch of camps, one each was the rule.  Oh, but it was so hard!  We live in such an amazing city full of so many neat camps, there was definitely temptation.  There are acrobat camps, art camps, theater camps, science camps, zoo camp, think of it and they’ve got it.  I can happily report, though, that we made the right decision.  The last few days have been so much fun.  We try to do something fun every morning and lay about in the afternoon.  Today we spent the morning at Jamison square, and oh how I love this city!  The kids played in the fun fountain that cascades and forms a wading pull, drains, and begins again.  We visited a toy store down the street and I got my daily caffenation here.



A simple lunch (sans wine for the kids) and now an afternoon of painting outside while the kids run through the sprinkler…


followed by our new favorite treat, mochi


here’s a peek of a large painting I have been working on

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