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I’m just popping in to let you know about a great giveaway happening over at poppytalk.  Two winners will win a Plywerk Bamboo Artist Panel each of their choice from fawn and forest.  You have until Sunday to leave a comment to enter, good luck!


I’ll be back later today with a another post.

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sickly technology

I have been out of the loop the last few days with an ailing computer.  I feel totally disconnected!  But now I have a shiny new computer on its way and this perty little cover to keep it that way.


via byrd and belle

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the spoils

Of course, I couldn’t come away without a few little finds on my trip.  I didn’t go too crazy, though.  New York in a bag is one of those gifts you give to your child that you hope they bore of soon so you can take possesion.  I found this charming little book in the Yoya shop along with a couple old issues of Milk I didn’t have.  And couldn’t resist this beautiful set of Nara postcards in the MoMA shop.


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new portraits!

In time for mother’s day or any day.  I wanted to share these sweet, simple (and totally affordable) sketch portraits.  I hand draw the portrait based on a submitted photo and digitally place it on an old book page (I love the color and texture this adds).  They are then printed on gorgeous Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper.  They will be available in two sizes, 8″x10″($35) and 13″x19″($50).  I love, love these, especially in white frames.  I’m thinking a whole wall in our bedroom would look just right with these.  These will be available starting tomorrow on both my website and etsy.  I hope you like them! 


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I brake for spring

The kids are out of school for the week, spring break, so I will be juggling keeping everyone happily entertained while finishing a few things up. Today, it was a fun afternoon of bowling here.  

Oh and I saw these library cards and just had to get them, I’ll put them to good use, no doubt.


available here

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Happy Spring!

It is my favorite season.  What’s not to like, flowers, warmer days, green grass, flowers…So I was so excited when Holly and Ez invited me to create a desktop wallpaper for Kindred.  Go and download a beautiful piece of art to greet you at your computer (free!).  Here is the piece I created and it will also be available as a print in my shop.



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plotting and planning

I’m already keeping an eye out for fun easter basket goodies.  I spotted these at the office store yesterday.  They will go crazy for these and only a couple bucks!


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lovely gets

I was just saw that Sharilyn from Lovely designs will be offering her beautiful address files again soon.  I got one a couple years ago and love it.  She makes beautiful things.  I can’t wait to see what other lovely items she comes up with.


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the perfect gift

for my kids, anyhow, is a fresh pack of tape and some old cardboard.  So when I saw this yummy tape (did you know tape could be yummy?) I knew it would be a perfect little gift for my daughter’s upcoming b-day. 


thank you to simplesong for the amazing tip (image via simplesong)  It is availabe at DWR.

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almost done

I usually try to have all my holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving, after poring over internet sites and searching through local stores to find the perfect presents for the kids.  Well, that didn’t happen this year.  The kids are older and in Ian’s case he knows exactly what he wants (think star wars) and in Holly’s case has no idea (surprise me! she says).  So I did in one day this year what I usually spread over months of planning.  Inspired by all those fun gift guides out there I put together some of my favorite finds.


1.  doll kit the black apple  2.  music box kido  3.  ikimono camera fred flare   4.  mustache kit  amazon 5.   djeco art books oompa  6.  smencils  stubby pencil studio  7.  paper doll wool and water

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great holiday ideas

Olio United just released their holiday gift guide and man do they put a mean one together.  That shouldn’t surprise me, though they have impeccable taste over there.   I am super flattered they included me in it!  If you live in Portland it is a gorgeous store, if not, they are online also, go check ‘em out!



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got milk?

I just picked up my first issue of the french magazine Milk at the bookstore yesterday.  It’s sad I suppose that a magazine can make my day, but I am so excited they finally carry it in the stores here!  It did not let me down.  It is just absolutely GORGEOUS!  I may even brush up on my french so I can read it.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures…



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We are heading south next month for a week of beach life, can’t wait.  I saw this picture the other day and love everthing about it, not the least of which is that amazing vintage swim cap.


(via Black Eiffel,via Urban Grace Interiors + House & Life)

So I have been hunting around and saw this, pretty darn cute!  Could I pull it off? Would I actually wear it?  probably not, but hey it you never know!

It would atleast be good for a fun picture, right?  And this image immediately came to mind, great album.  Think I will go take a listen…


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