gifts for the grandparentage

So if you are a grandparent to our kids-STOP READING NOW!

I am quite proud of myself for actually getting this gift done.  This is the time when I am busy getting portraits completed and off in time for others to give for the holidays, so unless I plan ahead, my own gifts can fall into the ‘thought that counts’ category.   But I did it! I created a blurb book for our parents with pics of the kids from this past year.  When the kids were little, I was pretty good about getting photos to everyone,  sending them off on a pretty regular basis.  I haven’t done that in years (and believe me, I have the guilt to prove it).   Here are a few of my favorite pages


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2 Responses to gifts for the grandparentage

  1. jo 2009, December 3 at 1:56 pm #

    your book looks great! do you recommend blurb? have you ever used any other make-your-own-book site?

  2. Lisa 2009, December 3 at 2:13 pm #

    Hi Jo

    Thanks! I would definitely recommend blurb, they have the highest quality that I’ve found.